The SunRiver Development team has been hard at work this year on its newest product, the SunRiver Villas. As many of you have noticed the en- trance and infrastructure are starting to take shape. SunRiver Construction plans to have the first two homes of the community built by the first quar- ter of 2018, with the new model home center and community center to follow shortly after.

The new SunRiver Villas community is a great option for anyone looking for a new full-time or part-time residence. They’ve been designed with the owner in mind–with upgraded standards, modern architecture and efficient space saving floor plans. The Villas are sure to impress any future buyer.

Amenities include a beautiful new community center, swimming facility and state-of-the-art pickleball courts, plus access to the SunRiver Golf Club (with resident rate discounts).


*Images are conceptual renderings, not actual photos

Are the villas part of the original SunRiver community?

Yes and no. The Villas still have the benefit of the resident golf rates and access to Hank’s Riverwalk Grill. The new development also has its own community center and activities similar to SunRiver St. George.

What is the HOA fee?

The HOA fee is $172, which includes insurance on the exterior of the building, front yard maintenance, common areas and full access to the new Villas community center.

Does the HOA cover maintenance of the exterior of homes?

No, the Villas are considered single-family homes and the exterior maintenance is the responsibility of the homeowner.

Can I customize the exterior of my new luxury twin home?

The design team has come up with a color scheme of rock, stucco and metal accents that will keep the new community looking its best for years to come.

Are pets allowed at the new SunRiver Villas?

Yes! The homes can easily be pet-proofed with additional block walls and a gate.

Do the homes have the same energy efficiency standards as SunRiver?

Yes, SunRiver has incorporated the HERS (Home Energy Rating System Index) rating into every home built in the community. The Villas will be held to the same high standard as our SunRiver single-family homes.

Why do they call them “luxury” twin homes?

The Villas have a number of characteristics that add luxury including:
• Upgraded standards
• Exterior modern features
• Ability to rent your home short-term (31 days or more)
• A Perfect mix of size + amenities

How are the homes soundproofed between each other?

The plans have been designed with sound in mind; most of the common wall area is garage. There is a two-inch gap between each unit that’s filled with two, 1-inch sheetrock soundboards for fire protection and soundproofing.

Is there a 3-car garage option available at the SunRiver Villas?

All the homes have 2-car garage doors, but two of the four floor plans do offer oversized garages.

What kind of mortgages are available with a luxury twin home at the Villas?

All mortgage types are available including the FHA HECM (no mortgage payments for life)!

Are nightly rentals allowed?

The CC&Rs restrict homeowners from renting their unit for less than 31 days. All rentals must be approved through SunRiver. This protects your’s and other’s property values.

Want to learn more?

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