SunRiver St. George is About Retirement Living

When you think of retirement living, what comes to mind?

At SunRiver St. George, retirement living is synonymous with resort-style living.

If you are not familiar with resort-style living, that distinction may not help you understand what it’s like to live at SunRiver. So here is a glimpse into what it means.

SunRiver St. George is a growing planned community. There is a distinction between a growing community, and a growing planned community. Each aspect of SunRiver’s growth is integrated with the rest of the community.

You have most likely seen communities with haphazard growth. New growth often conflicts with the existing community. That doesn’t happen here at SunRiver. Each phase and each segment is planned. For instance, the Adventure Mancaves. Phase 2 of the construction process is underway, and they are placed within the community to be easily accessible, and to blend in with the rest of the community.

If you are not familiar with the Adventure Mancaves, here is SunRiver’s description of these make-it-your-own-space beauties. “This 25’ x 50’ customizable garage brings to life your hobbies and passions in an adventurous new light. Each unit comes fully finished with paint, sheet rock, heating and air conditioning as standard. From there, the possibilities are endless. Maybe you want a loft space to watch the game with your buddies, or maybe you want a kitchen to make a sandwich after a full day of working on the car. This space is for you to make yours!”

In addition to the Adventure Mancaves, you can rent a storage unit right here in SunRiver. In the near future, we will also have covered RV storage next door to the storage units. You don’t have to traipse all over town, deal with traffic congestion and parking just to put your treasures into storage or retrieve them. Here at SunRiver, all of these amenities are strategically placed in the community, and conveniently located just a golf cart ride from home.

Part of our continuing planned growth is making room for the increasing numbers of retirees looking to make SunRiver their home. Some future residents are looking for an existing home, and others want to select a floorplan and design their own vision of an ideal retirement home. If you are looking for a home in SunRiver, go online, call 435 688 1000, or visit the SunRiver sales office for more information about our existing and upcoming inventory. They can also assist you in selecting a floor plan and connect you with our design team. Either way, you can find the home that will fit your vision of a retirement home base.

Your home here in SunRiver is just the start. It can be your homebase for unlimited adventure.

Resort-style living means so much more than just having a place to lay your head at night in a 55+ community.

Living here includes so many amenities you will need to prioritize which ones you really want to do. But then, there is tomorrow for all the fun you didn’t get the chance to do today. That is one of the great things about being retired. You don’t have to go back to work.

Concerts, like Eric Dodge. His album, Why Not Today, became a huge international success and has sold in over 15 countries. It topped the best-selling albums list. The Rok Dox, a band made up of local doctors who love to rock the night with classic rock and roll songs you remember and love. The Lettermen, the male pop vocal trio whose trademark is close-harmony pop songs with light arrangements.

Drive-in movies. Sit in the comfort of your own golf cart and watch Movies On The Green. Remember how much fun the drive-in was. It’s not too late to enjoy it all over again. Here at SunRiver we hold regular showings by Hank’s Riverwalk Grill on the big screen. Best of all, you can attend in your own golf cart.

In case you hadn’t heard, SunRiver is a golf cart community. You can leave your car in the garage, and drive your golf cart wherever you want to go within the community. Concerts, lunch, golfing, to play pickleball, bocce ball, or lawn bowls. Take a ride to the community center for fitness classes, or to go swimming. Taking your best date to the dance? Take your golf cart. You could go for weeks without taking your car out of the garage.

I hope you are not one of those retirees who think now that you have retired, there is nothing left to do. If so, SunRiver will likely shock you. There is so much to do, your big problem will be finding time to fit all the activities you want to do into a twenty-four hour day.

If having fun in a community of fun-loving retirees fits your idea of what retirement living should be, come and visit SunRiver. Stay two nights and three days in a designer furnished villa for only $99. Explore SunRiver, try out all the amenities, and experience resort-style living firsthand. It’s the best way to find out if SunRiver is your kind of retirement living.

To paraphrase the old editorial answer, “Yes Virginia, there is life after retirement.” SunRiver isn’t just about a place to live after retirement, it’s a place where retirees can enjoy active resort-style retirement living. SunRiver is all about really living.


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