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Science Presentation

They are faster than a cheetah. They can memorize the location of hundreds of objects. They have sent vital messages in WWI and WWII. Yes, we’re talking about pigeons. Pigeons and humans have established a long term relationship, but it’s bitter sweet. Each pigeon produces about 22 pounds of droppings per year. The high uric acid content etches metals, dissolves marble, and erodes concrete. Cleaning the droppings exposes one to dangerous bacteria. After finding a place with food and nesting sites, they crowd out other bird species. In 1860, passenger pigeons accounted for about 30% of all birds in North America. They were hunted into extinction 50 years later. Now some geneticists want to clone the passenger pigeon back into existence. Is “reverse extinction” advisable? How closely related are Utah’s pigeons to the passenger pigeon? Ron Smith will unveil information about pigeons, as well as show a documentary video entitled “Pigeon Genius.” You may not want them in your yard, but you’ll respect how well they have adapted to become one of the most successful bird families. Doors open at 5pm, Tuesday, July 10th, with the program starting at 5:30pm. A popcorn and lemonade ticket is only $1. You can add a delicious chicken wrap for a $5 ticket. No tickets will be sold at the door, so make sure to purchase before the deadlines. Wrap deadline is Friday, July 6th at Noon; Popcorn deadline is Tuesday, July 10th at Noon. You must purchase a ticket for admittance. Buy your tickets early and pigeonhole them into a place you can remember.

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