Maintenance Tips; Keeping Your Cushions and Pillows in Their Right Shape

If you find your cushions keep getting flat and you constantly need to  fluff them, take some time to think about why this is happening. Keep pets from sitting on them while they are on the furniture as they can  change the shape over time. If you find you like to take an occasional  nap on the couch, use a regular pillow and not one made for decoration.  Alternate putting your head at different ends to even out the  compression on the couch over time.

When you vacuum the floor, remember to turn your cushions and pillows.  Doing this each time you vacuum will remind you to do it, and will give  the cushions and pillows equal wear on each side. Even though they may  seem light, even the lightest cushions and pillows will put pressure on  the bottom side, resulting in a flatter shape on the bottom if they  aren’t turned.

Invest in quality cushions and pillows. When you spend money on quality  pieces of furniture, they should hold up better than inexpensive ones.  Quality couches typically come with quality cushions and should last  almost as long as the couch does.

At least once a month, take the cushions outside and beat the handle of a broom against them. This will help to release any dust the vacuum might not get and will help to get air into the cushions, helping them to  recover some of their original shape. If you have small decorator  pillows that shouldn’t be washed, you can hit them against each other in an effort to add air into the stuffing. This will also help them to  maintain their shape over time.

Susan Carter is a freelance writer who loves DIY projects.

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