Maintenance Tips; Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is not only a beautiful floor covering, but it takes little time and energy to maintain. If you vacuum regularly it should remain looking nice, but if you notice dirt or something the vacuum won’t pick up you may want to wet mop it with warm water.

Harsh cleaners and detergents can result in heavy, hard to remove lather on any grout you may have so it’s best to avoid them. If you feel some type of cleaner is needed, use a mixture of warm water and dishwasher crystals, as these are easier to get out of the grout.

If you have ceramic tile anywhere on the walls or as countertops you can wash them with any type of nonabrasive detergent, soap, or tile cleaner. Although abrasive cleaners can get them very clean, they can damage the tile by dulling the finish.

If you spill anything on grout it can easily become discolored; it can even turn yellow over time. To get your grout looking new again, use a fiber brush, water, and a little bit of cleanser. You can find both grout cleansers and grout whitener at any home improvement or hardware store. Typically, the sooner you notice discoloration of the grout the easier it is to clean.

Many people find that sealing their grout helps to save time in the long run. It retains its color better without discoloration, although it does require maintenance of the seal and depending on which sealant you use, you need to reseal the grout every 3-5 years on average.  Separation of grout from tiles is common. Since the grout is more aesthetic than functional, this is not a problem. Fixing cracks is easy when you use a premixed grout available at any home improvement or hardware store.Maintenance of your grout is important, especially around bathtubs and countertops when the tile appears to be pulling up. Grout and caulk shrink over time so redoing it is an important part of regular maintenance around your home to keep water from damaging surfaces.