Lifestyle Included; Retire at SunRiver St. George

Chances are you have a good idea of how you want to retire. Each ideal retirement is different, perhaps you want to cut off your tie and hit the golf course, or ease into retirement by working part time. Maybe being retired means spending time with the family and travelling to places you never had time to go to before retirement.  SunRiver St. George wants to help you have the best lifestyle possible when you retire.

St. George is home to iconic rolling red sandstone cliffs. These unique formations give the area and nearby Zion National park its stunning beauty. Combined with beautiful weather and long vistas, the sunset is always pretty and always enjoyable thanks to the moderate climate. St. George is somewhere your family and grandchildren will always wish they could stay longer, making it a great place to retire.

Bad weather is bad weather No matter your age. Fortunately, St. George has neither the high humidity nor dangerous hurricanes of the warm south, and also avoids the freezing winter temperatures and slick ice and snow of the north. Winter temperatures in St. George regularly reach 60 degrees. In January, the average daytime high temperature is 54 degrees, with an average nighttime low of 26 degrees. St. George only receives 8.27 inches of annual precipitation. Snowfall is rare, and generally melts very quickly.

With mild winters comes year round golf. St. George is one of the few places in Utah where golf can be played year round without worrying about snow hazards. If you dream of the perfect long drive and lining up an excellent putt, SunRiver St. George is the place for you. Here, a robust golfing community ensures you will never wait for friends to hit the links with. Even if you haven’t tried golf, many people find golf a relaxing and fun way to exercise and feel a sense of community through social interaction.

Live your dream
Retirement is in some ways a new lease on life. Many people deferred dreams of becoming a writer, artist or musician while they supported a family. You have worked long and hard to get where you are today, you absolutely deserve to celebrate and live your dreams. SunRiver St. George and the greater St. George community are ideal for those who retire. From the small class sizes and 10$ tuition for students over 55, to the huntsman world senior games, and the hundreds of groups in between, St. George is a retiring persons perfect spot to do what they have always wanted. Discover new passions or learn new ones. Take music or art lessons, finally finish your great novel or memoir, build the hot-rod you’ve been driving in you mind for years. However you plan to retire you can enjoy it in style and comfort at SunRiver St. George.