Learn to Roll With it

When you barely miss the green, instead of congratulating yourself for hitting a pretty good shot, do you go into a state of confusion over what shot to hit next? The shot and club options are plentiful. Many everyday golfers think about hitting something high with a lot of spin that lands close to the hole and stays there. If you practice these delicate shots you might be able to pull one off out on the course. Most everyday golfers don’t spend enough time practicing these shots to develop the feel necessary to be successful. Short-game expert Dave Pelz has a simpler solution.

Pelz says, “..it’s easier than you think to get up and down from just off the green. The key? Simplify your options.” He advises golfers to minimize backspin and control shot distance with the length of the swing back and through, rather than by swinging harder. According to Pelz, “To pull off low-flying and low-spinning chip shots that roll out nicely, choose the lowest-lofted club that will fly the ball about three feet onto the green.” You should play the ball back in your stance to keep your hands ahead of the ball through impact and use a stroke that’s close to a putting stroke for these shots. Pelz says, “It should have little or no wrist hinge. From there it’s a matter of using the length of your swing, not the velocity to control shot distance: short swings for short chip shots, long swings for long chips.”

It’s easier to learn to control the roll-out on low, running chip shots than it is to control the distance the ball has to travel in the air with the spin necessary to stop the ball on short shots close to the green. Pelz says, “The technique is extremely simple – it takes very little practice to lock in the swing that will produce a given rollout.” Follow Dave Pelz simple approach to roll the ball instead of trying to fly the ball all the way to the hole. Getting up and down will become simpler as a result.

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