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1/16 “Y” You’ll Hit Great Chip Shots

Many weekend golfers struggle with chipping. Part of the problem comes from letting the wrists break down or flipping the wrists and hands through impact. The result is inconsistent contact. One shot might be flubbed, the next bladed across the green. It becomes demoralizing when you’re so close to the hole. What should be an easy chip to set up a short par putt turns disastrous with bogey or worse likely.

For consistent chip shots you want your arms and the club to create the shape of a lower-case-letter “y” when you set up. Move your weight over your front foot and keep it there throughout the shot. The ball is played back in your stance with your hands in front of the ball. You’ll see that the relationship of the straight line made by the club and your front arm with the angle of your back arm forms the shape of a lower-case-letter “y”. Maintain that “y”shape with your arms as you swing back and all the way through impact. Keep your weight on your front side, your hands ahead of the ball and your wrists firm. This combination lets you hit down on the ball, trapping it between the clubface and the ground for the consistent contact you want. The ball will pop up and onto the green with a predictable roll. Once you can maintain the “y” and gain some confidence with your chipping technique, take some time to learn how the ball reacts with different clubs so you can hit different-length chips effectively. Lower-lofted clubs will give you more roll for longer chips, higher-lofted clubs won’t roll as far for shorter chips. Soon you’ll make solid contact on all your chip shots and get them close – even in – more often.

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