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What makes SunRiver different?

People always ask a simple question, what makes SunRiver different? How much time do you have? I believe a major part of SunRiver’s success is the amazing location. When you consider everything that Southern Utah has to offer from amazing weather, scenery, and great people, that has to be first. Second, is how we have mastered the art of the lifestyle. People always say, “I’ve made more friends in 6 months than I have made in my entire life.” That is a wonderful part of the secret sauce, feeling part of a community. Last but not least is the amazing people that work and help build your dream home. For many of our buyers, this is their last home, and perfection is required. We work really hard to meet that standard. If you have a home already in SunRiver and want to purchase a new home before we are sold out, ask an agent about incentives for customers who are moving inside SunRiver. 435.688.1000

Finding the perfect home at Sunriver

Phase 50 Opening Soon!

Phase 50 is opening soon! If your wondering what is special about phase 50, let me expound. Just above the river on the North side of the community phase 50 is nestled in just a few blocks from the community center. Easy access to Community Center and City trail system. The phase also has some nice elevation changes that create some view opportunities and interesting homesites. If you have been considering SunRiver, these home sites won’t last long. Call today and schedule a time to preview these lots. 435.688.1000



St. George Summers

Summer is Summer Correct? We feel like we have some great advantages to St George summers! Most people are aware that 100 degrees can happen in June, July and August, most people don’t realize how much the temperature drops overnight. It’s very common to have a 30 degree drop, waking up to 70 degrees is pretty amazing. Taking a walk, playing golf or going on a hike is amazing in the summer mornings. This last weekend we did a hike towards Brian Head Ski Resort about 60 miles away and it was 65 degrees, we almost needed a jacket. The Summers in St George are some of my favorite weather. And being so close to amazing mountains the Summer options to escape are endless.


The Villas at SunRiver

I’m excited to give you an update on our new product at SunRiver St. George. We are in the final stages of planning and getting ready to break ground on the Villas. We will let you know when the actual ground breaking is scheduled. I’ve included a rendering to show you how beautiful this product is going to be. It will be 55 or older and should be an amazing addition to our SunRiver Family.  We anticipate moving dirt and preparing for the homesites in the next 30-45 days. We will open up for pre sales this fall with homes starting construction in January of 2017. We believe this new community will fit a much needed market in SunRiver with homes selling nicely appointed under $300,000. The sales office has limited information, but we wanted to keep you informed. As always we would love to hear from you, call us at 435.688.1000

Retirement at Sunriver St. George

Why do People Retire to SunRiver St. George?

Some folks who retire to SunRiver spent time in St. George before retirement, loved the area, and came looking for somewhere nice to live.

Others had no idea St. George was even here, until they stumbled onto it. They were looking for a retirement home in the Southwest, often because of the weather and outdoor activities, and found SunRiver.

Then there are those who did extensive research into retirement areas. They made lists of places they might retire to when the day came. They analyzed features such as education opportunities, medical and health services, economic climate, culture, crime, and entertainment, and decided St. George offered an excellent array of service and opportunities.

Education Opportunities

Dixie State University offers an excellent array of classes and cultural expressions. You can take as many Institute for Continued Learning (ICL) offers classes taught by a variety of instructors for an annual fee of $45. ICL offers both the opportunity to take, and to teach classes. If you have expertise or experience, contact them about teaching a class. Here is a smattering of ICL classes for 2015-2016:

Elder Tales – What Do They Tell Us About Growing Old?

In the Ever After—Fairy Tales and What They Tell Us About the Mid-Life Journey

Beginning Mac/Apple computing

Excel Basics

Introduction to the PC

Tax, Finance and Investments

Discovering Live Local Theater

Native American Flute

Laughter Yoga

Archeology – The Southwest’s First People

History and Literature of the Holocaust

Mark Twain—An American Original



Bicycle Maintenance and Repair


Dixie State University offers bachelor’s degrees in 30 content areas with 53 different emphases, and 26 minors, 16 associate’s degrees, and 14 certificate options. If you want to begin or continue your college education, can you think of a better time or place?

Medical and Health Services

When SunRiver residents need medical services, they need look no further than the community entrance. A fire station at the edge of the property, and as you enter SunRiver, the Integrated Senior Care clinic offers primary care and specialist referral services. St. George is also home to a wide range of medical specialists. Rarely will you need to look outside the St. George area to find the medical and health services you need.

Economic Climate

St. George is a thriving community. Even when some other areas in the country stagnated, southern Utah continued to grow, thanks to a diverse economical, commercial and professional mix.

SunRiver has a distinctive place in the local economy. As SunRiver resident, John Mayer put it, “The people here come from all walks of life and all economics. But they’re all here for the same reason, to blend in and enjoy the rest of their lives. They are financially well off, they are taxpayers and they pay their way.”


The general culture in St. George is conservative. St. George and surrounding cities celebrate Independence Day on July 4th with parades, fairs, and fireworks.

Competing with the pageantry of Independence Day, the 24th of July is Pioneer Day here in Utah. Its parades, events and fireworks are sometimes even more entertaining than the 4th. It’s like stepping back a few years to when communities came together to celebrate. People, picnics and fairs fill the parks.

Talented local residents following hundred-year-old area traditions keep local theater alive. You can watch and/or participate with several local theater groups. They are always looking for new talent.

St. George is home to the annual Arts Festival, a children’s museum, an art museum, several pioneer museums and historical sites. For even more St. George area activities check out the Ultimate Cheat Sheet to St. George Utah blog post.

SunRiver maintains a distinctive position in the local culture. Churches dot the area, and events are sprinkled with attendees imbibing their favorite beverages. Teetotalers and drinkers enjoy events side by side, each respecting the others’ beliefs. As resident John Mayer put it, “Everyone blends in here. There is no pretention about what they once did, no attitude, we all wander around in shorts and have a good time.”


St. George has a peaceful small town feel. Residents and elected officials have worked for years to keep it that way. The police and sheriff are well funded and equipped as are the fire and medical services. The crime rate is low, and perhaps more importantly, the community feels safe.

SunRiver is unique even in a low crime rate area. The residents watch out for each other, not in a nosy way, but in a way that neighbors get to know each other and recognize when something is not right. St. George is a safe city, and SunRiver is an even safer haven within the city.


With all the planned events, concerts, clubs, and activities, you don’t need to travel outside of SunRiver to have an active entertainment schedule.

If your tastes range farther afield, an hour’s drive north will let you immerse in the Shakespeare Theater in Cedar City, or an hour and a half south will take you to Las Vegas with all that city has to offer in shows, thrills, dining, and entertainment. If gambling and gaming is more your style, half an hour south you can try your hand at the Mesquite casinos and enjoy first-rate shows.

But mostly, people retire to SunRiver because it’s the feeling they get when they spend a day or two here. They realize SunRiver isn’t just a housing development; there is a sense of neighborhood, community, and belonging.

Take advantage of SunRiver’s offer to stay and play for three days and two nights; all the fun you can pack into three days for only $99.

People are happy at SunRiver. Friends and newcomers alike smile and greet one another. Once you attend a concert or event, and meet other residents, you feel you belong here; and that’s a big part of what draws people to SunRiver, and why new residents decide to retire at SunRiver – they feel like they belong here.


Pictures from the Pet Festival

It’s always fun getting together the community to celebrate all our furry friends. The SunRiver Pet Festival is an annual occurrence and is open to all of St. George. We had a great turn out this year will all sorts of pets. The fashion show is always an exciting highlight. Head over to to see more photos of the fun day on the driving range.


5 Tools You Should Be Using if You’re Retired

To make being retired easier, here are 5 tools you should be using. Some you may already have thought of and planned for, but others may be new to you.

A Retirement calculator – Keep an eye on your investments. If you’ve made it this far and you’re retired, in most situations you can consider switching from high yield high risk to lower yield lower risk. Watch your withdrawals to ensure your money lasts longer than you do. As far as planning ahead for being retired, if you’re already retired, that ship has sailed. Now it’s time to assess what your resources are, how to protect them, and how to make them last throughout your retirement.

A Sense of Humor – According to Reader’s Digest, “Having a good sense of humor reduces stress, helps you cope with pain, creates empathy in social situations, and can even improve your odds of finding a mate.” If you already have a mate, that last one may not be the safest or wisest use of your sense of humor. “Humor is an advanced intellectual means of developing new perspectives and coping with extreme circumstances,” according to Nichole Force, M.A. at Psych Central.

When you go to a SunRiver event, look around. You’ll see people laughing and having fun, and they’re just waiting for you to join in.

There is no one definition of humor, or sense of humor. If you are retired, you may have noticed things changing. Even if you’re not retired, and you’re approaching or passed 60 you may have noticed some changes. You can get frustrated when you can’t do what you used to do, or you can find the humor in it. A workable definition might be; the ability to find amusement in changing circumstances. Perhaps growing older prompted Mark Twain to observe, “Humor is mankind’s greatest blessing.”

Activity – No retired person should be without this tool. Staying active keeps you healthier, happier, and able to do more. After you are retired, a well-stocked activity toolbox should include:

  • Strengthening activity. You can continue to build muscle into your nineties, but to do so, you will need to include some weight or resistance training. Don’t overdo it, but don’t pamper yourself. Your muscles need challenges to grow and stay strong.
  • Flexibility activity. When you’re retired, it can be tempting to stop pushing yourself. Muscles tendons and ligaments that aren’t used shrink. Flexibility exercise helps to lengthen and strengthen. The SunRiver fitness manager offers a personalized evaluation of your starting point and what classes would best suit you.
  • Aerobic activity. As much as you need to breathe, so do your cells. Aerobic activity gets you breathing deeper feeding more oxygen to your body. You feel better, look better, and stay healthier. Aerobic activity has been called the least expensive beauty treatment because the increased oxygen in your blood makes your skin look better.
  • Mental activity. Just as your muscles and cells need oxygen and your body needs physical activity, you mind needs both as well. Now is your chance to take the time to get involved in that hobby you never had enough time for. Or take a few classes, get your degree, or another one. It is more important than ever to stay mentally active after you retire. When you worked, your work provided mental stimulation and challenges. Now it’s up to you to challenge yourself.
  • Social activity. Being sociable is more than fun, it builds connections and fosters good health. SunRiver recognizes the need for regular social interaction, so the community events are often and give you the chance to mingle with your neighbors. There is always time to socialize before and after the events, and at many of them, the socializing is the event. Nobody has to attend the events, but why would you want to miss the chance to see a play, hear a concert, go dancing, and hang out with such friendly folks?

A Cell Phone – It’s amazing how quickly cell phones have become a necessity. What type of phone you choose depends on how you will use it. Many seniors are retiring from careers where cell phones are part of their wardrobe. If you haven’t been using a phone, consider these reasons a cell phone can be a valuable tool.

  • Car trouble – If your car breaks down, it’s simple to pull out your phone and call for assistance. If you have a roadside assistance plan (see below), all you need to do is call the number on your card, and help you know you can trust is on the way.
  • Medical problem – Even if it’s not an emergency, it is a comfort to your loved ones if you have a phone in easy reach to call for help. Many phones have an emergency call feature so you don’t have to unlock your phone, you just touch the Emergency Call icon.
  • Emergencies – This one may be the most important. Whatever the emergency, your phone is nearby and you can reach family members, police, fire, medical, or city services. It is so much faster than having to get to a landline.
  • Keep in touch – Even if you don’t want to be tied to your phone, there are times when it’s nice to be able to call and let someone know they need to stop and pick up milk on the way home. If become separated from your party at a market, casino, outing, or wherever, a quick call lets you reconnect without searching.

A Roadside Assistance plan – You’re retired. Let someone else do the heavy lifting of changing a flat tire, fetching a few gallons of gas, or replacing a dead battery. Roadside assistance plans are available through the American Automobile Association (AAA), insurance companies, The Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC), and other organizations. When you need them, these plans are worth many times what you pay for the coverage. There is no way to calculate the value of the headaches and strain they can save you.


15 Best Retirement Blogs To Follow

You don’t have to be retired to write a blog about retirement. But it helps. If you’re online and are looking for some interesting sites about retirement, here are 15 of the best to visit.

Some of the blogs are not about retirement per se, but deal with subjects of interest to those who are retired. Retirees write some of the retirement blogs, but not all.

“Want to treat yourself better? Eat better.” That’s the message Gil and Lori, The Sproutpeople share. “You don’t have to change everything – just add more of the good stuff. Sprouts are the most powerful nutrition you can grow. Good nutrition improves your health, gives you more energy, and is the first step to losing unnecessary pounds. Sprouts help you to think more clearly so you can get organized and enjoy life more with family and friends.”

“David and Carol Porter, The Roaming Boomers love to travel. And they love to share their experiences with the world. ‘Their ‘online luxury travel magazine with an eye towards experience, adventure, learning, and exploration,’ is a great way for seniors to learn about the world outside. Even if you no longer travel, you can live vicariously through the Porters’ experiences whether it’s a ranch in California or a beach on St. Lucia.”

“In the words of the blog’s founder, ‘Time Goes By is wide-ranging blog covering social issues, work, retirement, age discrimination and ageism, politics, media, health, family, Medicare and Social Security, love and sex, entertainment, humor, grief and mortality, culture, technology and more – all as related to aging.’”

The father-son team at the The Consumer Boomer blog covers advice and tips on all things financial from 401ks to comparing long-term care insurance. You’ll find categories such as long-term care, estate issues, online brokers and scams.

The Retirement online community blog is packed with retirees writing about their retired life, their hobbies, their passion, or whatever they care to write about. The site has instructions on how you can post, and shows you what other retirees are doing. You can glean ideas for you own personal blog, or just enjoy the thoughts of other retirees.

Bloggers John and Carol are full time RV’rs, “Where are we going? We don’t know. When will we get there? We’re not certain. All we know is we are on our way. We are retired and full-time RVers. This adventure is taking us all over North America and helping us to appreciate and understand how people live and what a wonderful world God has created. We try to give back by volunteering in state and national parks and fish and wildlife facilities. We also enjoy pursuing our hobbies of walking and jogging, weight training, photography, genealogy, carving and reading. Follow along as we enjoy this wonderful world.”

Seniors Aloud is a blog and community dedicated to senior citizens. They offer advice and tips on senior living and if you join, you can share your experiences.

If you’ve been looking for some useful information for seniors about keeping fit, The Senior Exercise Blog may have answers. Like Logan Franklin, his blog is no lightweight. The 71 year old author of Gray Iron: A Fitness Guide for Senior Men and Women, and Living the Fitness Lifestyle began exercising as a teen and never stopped. His blog is filled with iron solid fitness and exercise information.

Geezer Guff is a lighthearted blog for senior citizens on a variety of subjects, including travel and health.

Renee’s bio gives you an idea of the tack of her blog, Life in the Boomer Lane. If blog posts with titles like How to be an 80 Year Old Pole Dancer, and Cats Flying Off the Roof of My Car pique your interest, you will find Renee’s blog entertaining as well as thought provoking.

“Kathy Merlino is the author of, a blog about her perspective and thoughts on the emotional side of retirement. She is one of the most thought-provoking and influential writers on non-financial retirement topics. Kathy believes retirement is a journey, not a destination.” Filled with upbeat observations of aging and living with a folksy tone and photos.

For a thought provoking look at current topics of interest to retirees, visit Bob’s Satisfying retirement blog.

“Some years ago Dave Bernard began what would prove to be an on-going search to find and create a meaningful fun retirement. While he discovered plenty of information on the financial side of retirement planning, what was sorely missing was useful hands-on guidance to prepare for the non-financial aspect. What can you personally do to make the most of your retired days? Believing preparing for how to live retirement is just as important as having enough money he focuses his blogging on retirement planning from a non-financial perspective.”

Jacob Fisker blogs at Early Retirement Extreme. He is the author of a book with the same name. His philosophy is, “The key to success is to run your personal finances much like a business, thinking about assets and inventory and focusing on efficiency and value for money. Not just any business but a business that’s flexible, agile, and adaptable. Conversely most consumers run their personal finances like an inflexible money-losing anti-business always in danger of losing their jobs to the next wave of downsizing.”

Mark Patterson started his Go To Retirement blog, “to talk about my goals (financial and otherwise) toward financial independence and contentment. Others might shorten this to ‘a nice retirement.’ I think that maybe ‘retirement’ is too limiting in its meaning. I am not sure if or when I might quit working altogether. My objective is to reach a point where I can choose not to work at all (or not for money) and still live comfortably. I am a baby boomer, still working full time and now blogging part-time. I am a widower with three sons and a dog.”

Hope you find some or all of these 15 retirement blogs entertaining and helpful enough to follow.



Best time to buy at SunRiver St. George!

The winds of the perfect storm continue to blow on SunRiver! With low interest rates, great selection of new and existing homes for sale in SunRiver, now is the perfect time to buy. Many of the housing markets across the nation have record selling times, many homes sell in hours and days with multiple offers. This adds wind to the SunRiver Market with buyers being able to sell their homes quickly especially during the summer and relocate to SunRiver. If you are considering a move, make sure to check on new home sites now available and new listings of existing homes. We have a couple new golf course resales with amazing views. Call the Sales Team today at 435.688.1000


Retirement: Expectations vs. Reality

Ahh, retirement. You’ve worked long hours for years looking forward to that golden day you can say, “I’m retired.” Are you ready? Some new retirees encounter confusion when their expectations clash with reality in two general areas; finances, and after retirement, what are you going to do with the time you used to spend at work.

Figuring out the finances can be simple to understand with help from a financial advisor. They can help you determine how much you will need post-retirement in emergency funds, investments, and monthly cash flow. The, what are you going to do now, is more complex. So let’s talk about the financial aspect first.

Will your cost of living really go down after retirement?

Somewhere along the line, the idea became popular that you won’t need as much money to live on each month after your retirement. That may be true statistically, but will you have lower expenses after retirement, and can you can really live on less than you now earn? The best way to make that decision is to critically examine how much you will spend each month after your retirement.

You won’t have job related expenses. You won’t have to buy work clothes, whether that was suits, dresses, overalls, or uniforms. But you will still have to buy clothes.

You may not commute to work every day, so gasoline costs and car expenses will be reduced – unless you are planning to travel by car, or RV, then those costs may remain the same or increase. And if retirement includes air or cruise travel plans, you need to add those costs as well.

You may or may not eat out as often as you did when you were employed. But as you think about eating out, ask yourself if you want to stop going to restaurants altogether. Will your utilities still cost the same? If you worked away from home, and now you will be home all day, you may use your heating and air conditioning even more after retirement.

Discounts and more discounts

If you’ve done your research, you already know that many places offer senior discounts; don’t miss out on them. For instance, the National Parks offer the America the Beautiful lifetime Senior Pass for $10. You receive free entry into most national parks, BLM land, and Forestry land. You also receive 50% off camping fees at most locations. Cruise companies may offer special pricing for seniors on unsold cabins, and many restaurants offer senior discounts. The age for discounts generally ranges from 55 to 65.

Wherever you go, when you make travel arrangements, or buy anything, ask if the business offers a senior discount. It takes only a moment, could save you some money, and you’ve earned it.

So, some expenses may be less, some more, and the only way to know your situation is to think about what retirement will look like for you. Realistically decide what you want to do.

That leads us into the second part of this post.

After retirement, what are you going to do with the time you used to spend at work?

What do you expect from retirement? If you’re reading this, you probably don’t see yourself sitting in a recliner watching television for the next thirty years. At least I hope you don’t. So what do you want to do?

Studies from the National Institute on Aging show that seniors who stay active physically and mentally after retirement live longer, enjoy life more, and have more fun. Imagine having a wide variety of fun activities so close to home you can walk to them. That’s what SunRiver residents imagined. And now we have over fifty clubs right here in the community.

The camaraderie and friendly atmosphere were deciding factors for many of the residents who have decided to spend their retirement in SunRiver St. George. Having so many activities available so close to home is convenient. Not having to travel to get to them is economical. Being able to spend time with new neighbors and friends in a convivial atmosphere taking part in fun activities, is priceless.

Stay active

At SunRiver St. George, we offer a so many activities to residents, right here in our community. A few of the activities are Pickleball, woodworking, pottery, walking trails, bicycle trails, basketball, tennis, golf, bridge, and quilting. For a complete list, click over to SunRiver’s Our Community page.

As Lisa McLeod, the SunRiver St George Lifestyle Manager says, “You don’t stop playing because you grow old – you grow old because you stop playing.”

Retirement is a great time to play

In fact, here in SunRiver we think it’s the best time. You can play to your heart’s content. It’s like being in school for recess except there’s no bell to tell you it’s time to stop. You can start in the early morning and go until late at night if you want. And you won’t be the only one. You will have friends and neighbors right there with you.

A healthy social life is more important to your continuing health than many retirees realize. Having a community of friendly neighbors around is a solid investment in your future. After retirement, you may not have the workplace, but SunRiver provides not only opportunities to enjoy activities like pottery or bridge, but also provides community-wide concerts, plays, and social events designed with our residents in mind. Chances to get out in the fresh air under clear skies and meet hundreds of your neighbors.

With careful planning and some exploring to find out what retirement looks like from those who are already enjoying it, you can bring your expectations in line with the reality of retirement living. You’ve worked a long time to get here and now it’s time to enjoy it. Like we say at SunRiver, “It’s finally time to punch out.”