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Hangar Dance Photos

After a successful dance at the Western Sky Aviation Warbird Museum last year, we knew we had to throw another one soon. It’s so fun getting everyone out and dancing. Especially in such a cool setting as the hangar. Swing dancing around the amazing aircraft they have there is truly incredible.

The Western Sky Aviation Warbird Museum is an independently operated, non-profit organization dedicated to preserving, restoring and displaying aircraft for the educational benefit of current and future generations. The museum is committed to the education of aviation Warbird history and heritage to ensure that the sacrifices and contributions of all those who flew these historic aircraft will not be forgotten.

Click here to see more photos of the dance.


2016 Memorial Day Service at SunRiver

Join us for the Memorial Day service at the SunRiver Veterans Honor Park

~ 8:00 AM on Monday, May 30th , 2016 ~

Prelude at 7:50 AM – Flute performance by Tim Rogers, Hopi Paiute and former Marine

Participating Groups

American Legion Post 142
Knights of Columbus
Patriot Guard Riders of Southern Utah
Marine Corps League Detachment 1270
Vietnam Veterans of America Ch. 961 Daughters of The American Revolution

Master of Ceremonies: Tom Cover

Special Participants
Bagpipes: John Mayer
Poems: Carl Berger
National Anthem: Ginger Hilke
Flute: Tim Rogers
Pastor: Rick Nerud, Calvary Chapel

Save $30 on the purchase of commemorative bricks…

May 30th through the entire month of June — $200 each.

(Contact: Tom Cover, 435-673- 5101)

** Seating will be limited — please bring your folding chairs **

Think you’re ready to retire? Take this quiz

Are you ready to retire and walk away from the steady paychecks a job provides? Would you be in a better financial position if you stayed at work another year or two? Would you rather retire now, or at least ease into retirement, while you have the health and strength to enjoy your retirement?

When you reach the point you no longer want to spend your days at work, and you want to start doing all those things you’ve been putting off until you retire; pause for a moment, and consider your answers to the questions below. If you come across questions you aren’t sure how to answer, the staff at SunRiver St. George may be able to help.

From what sources will you receive income after you retire? Consider all sources of income; pensions, retirement accounts, savings, investments, social security, any source of income. Get an accurate picture of how much you have to work with post-retirement. If you want to continue to work part time, calculate that in as well. Once you know how much income you can expect, you will be better able to answer the next few questions.

Do you know how much you will receive from Social Security? At you can get a personalized estimate of the amount of retirement income you will be eligible for at a given age. It will only be an estimate, and your actual payments may be more or less, but it’s a place to start.

Is a reverse mortgage right for you? “A reverse mortgage can be a valuable retirement planning tool that can greatly increase retirees income streams by using their largest assets: their homes. A reverse mortgage allows homeowners to borrow against their home’s equity, while still maintaining ownership of the home.” Excerpt from The Pros and Cons of a Reverse Mortgage
To find out more about how you can benefit from a reverse mortgage at SunRiver St. George, click on over to No mortgage payments for life.

Will your retirement income cover your health insurance and medical treatment costs? Look at current costs, but factor in increases. As we age, many of us need additional medical care. Examine your insurance plan’s out of pocket maximums and factor them in to your calculations. Look into obtaining long-term care insurance, just in case, at a younger age while it is less expensive.
Consider an advanced medical directive so medical procedures you don’t want won’t drain your assets. Think about setting up a financial power of attorney so if you are unable to manage your assets, someone you trust will be able to make decisions in your stead. Talk with your agent and let them know what you want them to do in case they need to act in your behalf.

Can you afford to finance your lifestyle? Will you have enough cash flow to cover your monthly expenses? A persistent myth is that after your retirement you need less money each month than you needed before your retirement. That may be true if your career requires unreimbursed out-of-pocket expenses; but you will still need to eat, buy clothes, pay for gasoline, utilities, etc. and those expenses won’t change much after your retirement. If you enjoy eating out at restaurants and wearing designer clothing, will you really want to stop once you retire?
Estimate how much money you will have coming in from Social Security, pensions, retirement savings accounts and any other retirement income sources. Will it be enough to cover your monthly bills? If you can live on that, you’re probably ready to retire

Will your retirement income cover unanticipated events? Your retirement income and assets will have to do more than cover your monthly bills. What if your investments lost value? At what age does your income run out? If your planning only extends to age 90, what happens if you live to 100? Is a nursing home or care facility included in your plan?
Many factors don’t change with age or retirement. You will still need to replace your car, A/C in your home, put on a new roof, buy a new refrigerator, or stove. Everything that wears out or breaks before your retirement will continue to do so afterward.
Consider setting aside a readily-available emergency fund to cover both minor and major repair and replacement costs. Find a financial planner and let them look over your plan. Their experience gives them an advantage in finding not only flaws in a plan, but also ways to fix them.

How will you spend your time after you retire? You’ve been dreaming about retirement. That last day, knowing when you walk out the door, you never have to come back. Sure, you’ve earned a few week’s or month’s rest… but what about the next twenty, thirty, or forty years?
You need to have a plan. Retirees who keep active tend to live longer and stay in better health. Once you decide how you want to spend your retirement years, you will be in a much better position to answer the questions above. You will have an idea how much money you will need to live the retirement you want.

Joining with others and contributing to your community can help you maintain your sense of purpose and self-worth. There will be adjustments to make to ensure you maintain a healthy attitude toward your life and retirement. SunRiver offers so many opportunities to join in with other retirees with similar interests including over fifty clubs.
Even after you retire, you will probably want to keep exercising your mind for continued, personal learning. When you put your career behind you, it will open up large windows of time in your day. A healthy and active retirement means filling your days with other interests or hobbies with people you enjoy being around.


Hank’s Specials

Come join us at Hank’s! Specials all week long.

Wednesday is buy one burger, get one free (with coupon from Senior Saver or the Spectrum).

Thursday is steak night.

Friday is prime rib dinner or linguine and clams.

Sunday and Monday we will have spaghetti and meatballs and on Monday for lunch we’ll have meatball sandwiches.

Taco Tuesdays will feature two tacos for #11.

20 Myths About St. George

Believe it or not, even though St. George Utah is in the west, things are more civilized than many folks from outside Utah think they are. Nobody here rides horses. At least not through town. And we don’t tie them up outside on Main Street. However, if you are a horse lover, there are miles and miles of trails you can ride on outside of the city. There are several stables in the area where you can rent a horse, or a horse and a guide at reasonable rates, and see some of the amazing backcountry that surrounds St. George, from the back of a horse.

You don’t have to be a Mormon, (member of the LDS church) to live here. Yes, Mormons settled St. George back in the 1800’s, but today, St. George is a booming city with residents of many ethnicities, beliefs, and skin colors. The early Mormon’s brought stage plays, concerts, singing, and outdoor activities into the area, and today we benefit from an even wider range of cultural opportunities.

There is a Shakespeare theater an hour north of St. George, in Cedar City. The Dixie State University produces plays and concerts. You can enjoy the St. George Arts festival with hundreds of artists from fourteen states, the art museum, several historical sites, or the free concerts at the tabernacle on Main Street. There are two local theatrical companies, the Brigham Playhouse, and the St. George Musical Theater.

You can find indoor and outdoor cultural activities all year long thanks to our mild climate.

Yes, you can quench your thirst in St. George. Utah is not a dry state, and Washington County is not a dry county. You can purchase beer and wine coolers at local supermarkets, (Yes, we have large supermarkets too, Smiths, Lin’s, Walmart, Albertsons. That’s in addition to our farmers markets and local markets) but to purchase wine and distilled spirits you need to visit the state liquor store.

We have two liquor stores in St. George, and a specialty wine store a few minutes up the highway in Hurricane. Many of our restaurants also have package liquor stores inside, so you can order wine or a drink and enjoy it with your meal.

If you decide to make SunRiver your home, all our events are BYOB with throngs of sociable residents to sit and enjoy yourself with. Those coolers on the golf carts here may hold water to keep golfers hydrated during the day, but during events, many of them are converted to traveling happy hour wagons.

Sorry, no dragons. St. George wasn’t named for the famous dragon slayer, but for an LDS church president whose foresight rescued early settlers from starvation.

Even though we are in a desert, we still have watersports. Both Quail Creek Lake and Sand Hollow Reservoir offer boating, fishing, swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing, and SCUBA diving. If you want something more challenging, the Virgin River runs through St. George and offers some river kayaking. For the truly daring and skilled, you can rock climb at numerous locations in and around St. George. About thirty minutes toward Mesquite are some world class technical climbing areas.

Although St. George began as an agricultural community, most of the people who live here are not farmers. We still have vibrant farming areas, but they are outside the city. Unless you choose to live next to a farm, you don’t need to worry that the neighbor’s cows are going to wander into your yard and trample your garden.

Speaking of which, yes, you can grow gardens here. We have two growing seasons, spring and fall. Our spring generally starts in February to March, and that’s a good time for cool weather crops. Good growing weather continues to about June, then it gets too hot for all but the most heat-loving plants. Then in September to October we have out fall growing season, and that lasts until about mid-December most years.

St. George gets some snow. Most years we average about one to two inches, but not all at once, usually spread out over the winter. There is the odd year when we may get up to six inches in one storm, about every ten to twenty years.

There really are a great many things to do here. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for in St. George or southern Utah, Las Vegas is an hour and a half away with all the clubs, glitz, glamour, gambling. Of course, if it’s casino action you’re looking for… no, you can’t gamble in St. George, that’s true, but you can in Mesquite, Nevada and it’s about thirty minutes away and freeway all the way.

Yes, you can still get to know people even if you don’t go to church. St. George offers many civic clubs, Elks, Kiwanis, Masons, Lions, Optimists, and more. If you’re moving into SunRiver, the community events give you social opportunities to mingle with and get to know a few hundred of your new neighbors on a regular basis. St. George and the surrounding city stage regular community events, movies, and street festivals. Almost every holiday will have some kind of social event to celebrate it.

Not even our police still ride horses. Except the Search and Rescue team. Law enforcement in St. George is enlightened and professional, whether you deal with the local police departments or the county sheriff. Response time is among the best in the nation, and their professionalism is unmatched. The departments here are small enough to still be friendly and sociable, and large enough that their officers are well trained and equipped.

All in all, living in St. George is not much different than living in other medium sized cities. With some notable exceptions. We have lower crime rates, less tolerance for offenders, and a cleaner city than many cities our size. St. George still maintains a small town feel with big city amenities.


Hangar Dance

The 1950’s Swing Dance last year was such a hit, we’ve decided to do another dance, but tickets are limited. We have 125 free tickets at the Sales Office, first come first serve. $15 for person before May 19th. Tickets are available at the museum or call (435) 669-0655. The dance will be May 20th and May 21st there will be a Wings and Wheels show with free admission.

For more information on Hangar Dance click here.

For more information on Wings and Wheels click hereIMG_0641



Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 11.01.44 AM

Don’t Forget!! Healthy Eats & Treats Friday May 6th



Kristie Rosser Wellness

My background as a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner with 25 years of experience in the medical field, combined with my Holistic Health Coach, Nutritional Therapist and Detox Specialist Degrees have enabled me to view health and wellness in a unique way. My additional certifications in Age Management Medicine and Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy allow me to help my patients in a more complete and foundational way to enable them to age well and enjoy an exceptional quality of life.

Healthy Eats and Treats.pdf

sunriver drive in

Golf Cart Drive-In Movie

Thursday, March 24th on the green. Bites Donuts at 7:30 and movie, the Intern, starting at 8. No tickets necessary! Bring golf carts or chairs.


Movie on the Green!

We’re excited to announce that we are having another movie on the golf green! Mark your calendars for Thursday, March 24th. We will be showing The Intern. Click here to view the trailer.

Sidewalk Health Fair

Upcoming Sidewalk Health Fair

Join us April 1, 2016 at the Neighborhood Medical Plaza for a morning focused on health promotion/health prevention topics. This is your opportunity to ask questions, learn about the latest information and do preliminary screenings all in one spot.