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Phase 46 Homesites!

Things are going great as usual at the sales office. Phase 46 lots are now available! These lots feature fantastic views and many of the home sites are the coveted south-facing lots. Come into the sales office and check out our inventory.


Selling homes right and left!

SunRiver St. George is selling homes right and left. Even with the summer heat, things are going great! SunRiver St. George Realty needs your existing home to sell. We have sold 28 existing homes in the last 12 months, many of these homes are residents purchasing a new home selling their existing home. Our inventory is very low and we would love to have your home be one of the 28 that we sell in the next 12 months. Call today and ask about special commission savings on selling and purchasing a new home through SunRiver St. George Realty. (435) 688-1000

SunRiver St. George Tuscan Roof Tiles

Maintenance Tips: Your Roof

In order to take good care of your roof, you should always maintain the gutters and downspouts and make sure they are free from any debris.

Doing this helps to keep them draining as they should, and gets rid of excess rain water or melting snow from off of the roof which can cause damage. If you do notice your roof leaking, make note of where it is so that when the roof is dry you can point the repairman to the right direction.

You should never walk on the roof unless it’s absolutely necessary. Walking on the roof can cause the roofing material to loosen from your weight, which can lead to leaking. For obvious reasons of safety, never walk on the roof when there is moisture or snow on it. Doing so can result in injury or death.

If there has been a major storm, you will want to do a visual inspection of your roof for any damage. You can notify your insurance company of the storm and they can send out a representative to estimate the damage. Noticeable damage can be seen in the form of shingles in your yard or shingle edges pulling apart from the roof.

It’s also important to pay attention to ice build-up. This is common in the eaves when there has been extended periods of snow and cold weather. Although this isn’t covered by warranty, your insurance company should be contacted as it is likely covered by them.

Always take precautions when getting onto your roof as it is important for your own safety and the integrity of your roof. If you are ever concerned about damage from storms, make sure to contact your insurance company immediately to report the damage. Since damage can get worse over time, it’s important to report any problems as soon as possible.

Move-In Ready Homes Available!

Our construction team has been busy building homes ready for quick move in, anticipating our strong selling season in February, March and April.  We have some of our bestselling floor plans with our most popular upgrades included.

As many of you know, St. George has an amazing Parade of Homes, put on by the Southern Utah Home Builders Association. This year as usual, SunRiver will have an amazing home designed by our Award winning design team.  They will be doing our Temptations floor plan. The Parade this year will be from February 13th through February 22nd.  We expect this year’s traffic to be the highest we have seen in years. Interest rates are fantastic, selection is great!  Call today for a list of homes under construction and plan on attending the Parade of Homes. Call 435.688.1000

We All Go Through Phases, Even SunRiver

My teenage daughters go through Phases! SunRiver also goes through Phases!

We have two more phases set to record in January.  Phase 45 on Garnet Ridge Dr. and Phase 39 on Silk Berry.  Garnet Ridge Dr. will have amazing views of Pine
Valley in between the houses below, and these homesites should have little or no premium!

Call the sales office today to get a reservation on these lots, they won’t last long. 435.688.1000

November Sales Going Strong!

November sales are starting out with a bang, we have been rocking and rolling.

In the past, November has been a seasonally slower month with Thanksgiving.  Home buyers are starting to feel like the home appreciation in there current homes may evaporate if they don’t move quickly. With interest rates low and lower cost of living in Utah, interest and purchases are high.

SunRiver has recently released a new plan just under 1,900 feet that has been getting a lot of attention and recent sales, we named it the obsession model, so far that name has been fitting.
Call 435-688-1000 and we will send you a copy.

Maintenance Tips; Drywall

Drywall is an important part of your house. Properly maintaining your dry wall will keep your house looking new and fresh.  Slight cracking, nail pops, or seams may become visible in walls and ceilings. These are caused by the shrinkage of the wood and normal deflection of rafters to which the drywall is attached.

Most drywall repairs can be easily made. This work is best done when you redecorate the room. Repair hairline cracks with a coat of paint. You can repair slightly larger cracks with spackle or caulk. To correct a nail pop, reset the nail with a hammer and punch. Cover it with spackle, which is available at paint and hardware stores. Apply two or three thin coats. When dry, sand the surface with fine-grain sandpaper, and then paint. You can fill indentations caused by sharp objects in the same manner.


Phase 44, Going Quick!

SunRiver Homesites are selling quickly in phase 44

October sales are coming in better than expected, with most of that success being attributed to the homesites we currently have. The lots sit high and have views of the Valley and Pine Valley Mountain. One recent SunRiver resident that is purchasing another home said, “I never would have built again, if I hadn’t seen this homesite and view.”

Call today to find out about pricing and home packages available. 435.688.1000

Maintenance Tips; Countertops

There are many important ways in which you can protect your countertops. Some of basic ways are to use a cutting board to protect your counters when you cut or chop. Protect the counter from heat and from extremely hot pans. If you cannot put your hand on it, do not put it on the counter. Do not use countertops as ironing boards ad do not se lighted cigarettes on the edge of the counter.

Another way to extend the lifetime of your countertops is to make sure there is a good seal. The caulking between the countertop and the wall, along the joint at the backsplash, and around the sink may shrink, leaving a slight gap. Maintaining a good seal in these locations is important to keep moisture from reaching the wood under the laminates and to prevent warping.

Also, avoid abrasive cleaners that will damage the luster of the surface. Rubber drain mats can trap moisture beneath them, causing the marinated plastic to warp and blister. Dry the surface as needed. Wax is not necessary, but it can be used to make counters gleam.

By following these suggestions, you will be able to have beautiful countertops that will last and shine for many years.

Sales Continue Strong Through Huntsman World Senior Games

Special thanks to everyone involved with the Huntsman Senior Games. All the volunteers and participants at SunRiver worked so hard. I have seen many residents wearing their medals, looks like SunRiver Residents dominated the games as usual. As a home town fan, I love to cheer for our SunRiver Residents.

Home sales continue to be strong with low interest rates and good home selection. If you are interested in homes for sale in SunRiver, visit and view the homes for sale, both new and existing. Homes are sorted by price starting with the least expensive. Also, Phase 44 is now available with very good pricing on home sites with views.

Go SUNRIVER ATHLETES! It may be good to take a break for a few days; there may be some aches and pains out there.