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Phase 47, Now Available!

Phase 47 is now available! This much anticipated phase has the most affordable views of the Valley, Golf Course and Pine Valley Mountain. This phase also has some amazing home sites for the popular Invitations plan. In addition to views it also has some wonderfully private south back yards, the most popular orientation for our climate. There are only 20 lots in this phase so don’t delay, they won’t last long. Call 435.688.1000 today to get a list of premiums for these amazing home sites, ask an agent about non premium lots also available. If you already live in SunRiver and are considering selling and building again, ask about special incentives on commissions and new home pricing!

Interest Rates

Oh no, the Federal Reserve Raised Interest Rates! You may have heard interest rates are going up, what does that actually mean to a home buyer? Without going into a complicated explanation, for fixed rate 30 year mortgages, the interest rate is set by the mortgage market, not the government. The rate is set based on expectations of future inflation. So the fact that the Federal Reserve has indicated that they will act to curb inflation by raising short term interest rates, the most recent ¼ percent increase in rates has not affected the mortgage rates, they are the same as they were before the increase. So we still have a perfect storm if you are buying a house, low interest rates, low home prices and great home and lot selection. The next 6 months are the strongest selling season at SunRiver, so if you are thinking about selling a home, or moving up to a view lot, now is a great time! Call the SunRiver Sales office for a free home evaluation, your home may be worth more than you realized. 435.688.1000


SunRiver Market – Low on Inventory

We need homes to sell! The inventory of existing homes is at record lows in SunRiver. We currently have less than 30 homes on the market. When you consider SunRiver has close to 2,000 homes completed that’s 1.5% of SunRiver for sale. A healthy market is 4-7%, so you can see why we need your home!

Now may be a good time to take advantage of low interest rates and upgrade to a home on the golf course, or purchase a new home to enjoy the larger garages and updated energy efficiency. We have some amazing view lots now available on the south edge of SunRiver.

Call the Real Estate Office (435-688-1000) today and get a free evaluation of you home value, also take advantage of our fantastic listing agents “Janet and Sue the power of two!”


Many Options to Buy a Home at SunRiver

What options do you have when purchasing a home at SunRiver? Unlike many communities you have many options when working with SunRiver Realty. We sell the new homes that are built and ready for occupancy, we also will help you build a home from scratch on the lot of your choice, and we also can help you purchase an existing home that is sold by a private party. With so many options what should you do? The first step is deciding what is important to you. If you want a golf course lot, these are all sold and only available from private parties. If you want a view of the city lights and Pine Valley Mountain we have brand new lots available with spectacular views. If you are looking for a second home and want to stay under $200,000 a private sale would be your only option. SunRiver Realty has all the homes they represent on their website at We would also love to discuss all the financing options and plans that allow you to secure a lot while your home is selling. SunRiver Realty is your one stop shop for buying and selling in Southern Utah’s Best Selling Community. Call us at 435.688.1000


A Summer of Success at SunRiver Sales

July was a great month with 20 new home sales, double what we normally sell in a month. We are excited that August ended with 11 sales and 4 or 5 good prospects for September with one sale today. As a sales manager after an above average month your concern is the pipeline is empty. I’m encouraged that demand is still strong, demand is driven by the national real estate market that is showing continued strength. Buyers are selling their homes so quickly, they visit and purchase a home before they put their home on the market, then knowing they have a home ready when their home sells. Development is staying ahead of us with exciting new phases and spectacular views, some of the best views in SunRiver are yet to come. If you live in SunRiver and would like to sell your home and purchase a new home or your situation has changed, our demand for existing homes is even higher, especially under $250,000. Call today for a free home evaluation 435.688.1000

Houses are going fast at SunRiver St. George. Don't miss your chance to be a part of Utah's ONLY age-restricted active adult golf course community

Low on Inventory!

The selling season is strong at Sunriver, especially in homes under $225,000. The sales team is moving lots of homes! This last week we sold 4 existing homes in that price range. That’s great news! Unfortunately that was most of the inventory. If you live at SunRiver and your situation is changing and you would like to sell your home, we have buyers! Ask a member of the sales team about selling your home and purchasing a new home with reduced commissions on selling your home. With buyers coming from many parts of the country with very strong markets, the demand is picking up. Don’t miss this opportunity, interest rates may be moving up soon as the economy shows signs of strength. For a price evaluation on your existing home, call us. 435.688.1000

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New Phases Behind Mancaves

Things are going good as usual at the Sales Office. Work has begun on phases behind Mancaves. They are in a great location, super close to the community center. Come into the sales office for more information. Click the map below to view larger image!


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Phase 46 Homesites!

Things are going great as usual at the sales office. Phase 46 lots are now available! These lots feature fantastic views and many of the home sites are the coveted south-facing lots. Come into the sales office and check out our inventory.


Selling homes right and left!

SunRiver St. George is selling homes right and left. Even with the summer heat, things are going great! SunRiver St. George Realty needs your existing home to sell. We have sold 28 existing homes in the last 12 months, many of these homes are residents purchasing a new home selling their existing home. Our inventory is very low and we would love to have your home be one of the 28 that we sell in the next 12 months. Call today and ask about special commission savings on selling and purchasing a new home through SunRiver St. George Realty. (435) 688-1000

SunRiver St. George Tuscan Roof Tiles

Maintenance Tips: Your Roof

In order to take good care of your roof, you should always maintain the gutters and downspouts and make sure they are free from any debris.

Doing this helps to keep them draining as they should, and gets rid of excess rain water or melting snow from off of the roof which can cause damage. If you do notice your roof leaking, make note of where it is so that when the roof is dry you can point the repairman to the right direction.

You should never walk on the roof unless it’s absolutely necessary. Walking on the roof can cause the roofing material to loosen from your weight, which can lead to leaking. For obvious reasons of safety, never walk on the roof when there is moisture or snow on it. Doing so can result in injury or death.

If there has been a major storm, you will want to do a visual inspection of your roof for any damage. You can notify your insurance company of the storm and they can send out a representative to estimate the damage. Noticeable damage can be seen in the form of shingles in your yard or shingle edges pulling apart from the roof.

It’s also important to pay attention to ice build-up. This is common in the eaves when there has been extended periods of snow and cold weather. Although this isn’t covered by warranty, your insurance company should be contacted as it is likely covered by them.

Always take precautions when getting onto your roof as it is important for your own safety and the integrity of your roof. If you are ever concerned about damage from storms, make sure to contact your insurance company immediately to report the damage. Since damage can get worse over time, it’s important to report any problems as soon as possible.