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Active Adult Communities Provide Amenities for Every Need

Why not look into the wonders of active adult communities?  These types of communities are the perfect place to stay active but also to enjoy everyday life. They provide a variety of amenities for your every need and make the transition into retirement easy and fun.

One example of this type of community is SunRiver St. George, located in southern Utah. Some of the wonderful amenities include: onsite gym, exercise classes, tons of community events, sunny location, pickle ball courts, tons of different types of clubs, and much more. This community also includes tons of different types of homes to fit both your budget and needs. Besides all of these amazing amenities, active adult communities provide a place and the opportunity to meet people that are in the same stage of life as you and with similar interests.

Retirement is a great time to change up life and to try things you never thought you would. You now have the time and energy to feel young and alive every day. As you are approaching a new stage in life, why not think about all the fun and new experiences that can be waiting for you in active adult communities.

Those living in 55+ Senior Communities Don’t Act their Age

As retirement approaches, you may have not considered 55+ senior communities. We all have to live somewhere, some find apartments fit their style.  Maybe you see yourself in a beautiful house overlooking a fantastic golf course. Every morning with a group of friends you hit the course.  Others dream of retiring to a far off resort on a tropical island. Feeling the warm breeze and enjoying a refreshing swim while receiving Christmas cards from the cold north.

Unfortunately, golf courses and tropical paradises command a premium. 55+ Senior Communities are full of happy people who don’t act their age.  They have taken advantage of a fantastic time of life, the unstructured, free life style, who live in a happy community of like-minded individuals.

Luckily you can experience the good life at your very own home in SunRiver St. George.  SunRiver St. George is the best of all worlds. With resort class facilities like rec center, clubs, golf course and fine dining. Mild winter temperatures and none of the hassle of living far away on an island.  As far as 55+ Senior Communities, SunRiver St. George is the cream of the crop. If you want to get to feel invigorated and young while you get the most out of your retirement type into your browser.  Then find out why you need to be a part of the 55+ Senior Communities at SunRiver St. George!

Active Adult Communities are Reinventing Retirement

 Those who live in active adult communities are reinventing retirement right now!  Retirement is a big change. It means leaving a career, and all that comes with a job, both good and bad. While we can spend more time with the people we love, they often are busy. Just as we once were. It can mean less contact with the community we no longer work in. But retirement can also be the best time of our lives.

Active adult communities such as SunRiver St. George bring together hundreds of adults over the age of 55.  They live next door to each other and take part in a happy, unique community of active adults who share one another’s passion for life! Think of yourself in an active adult community, reinventing retirement.

In an active adult community such as SunRiver St.George you can stop worrying about retirement.  Whether it is learning a new skill like making jewelry or polishing up your swing on the golf course, there are endless opportunities to entertain yourself. Retirement doesn’t have to be a drawn out descent into disability, now it is a chance to reinvent and reinvigorate yourself. Think of how happy you will be as those you care about visit you in sunny St. George. Think of the ways you could learn and grow in new talents and hobbies. In our lives, many things are unsure, but one thing is for sure, active adult communities are reinventing retirement!

Creating Dream Retirement Homes with Luxury Lifestyle

Retirement homes are the perfect opportunity to create your ideal luxury lifestyle. Now that you are entering a new life phase, why not create the perfect dream retirement home.  This is the time to figure out what you want and how to create the perfect home environment to play and relax in.

What makes up ideal retirement homes? This question is best answered by deciding what type of activities and features are important to you. Then you can decide the type of luxury space to design to best fit your needs and wants. For example, you may want a hobby room, wood working garage or backyard to barbeque in. A luxury lifestyle may include the type of cabinets, paint, or the attention to detail that is found in your living space.  Creating your dream home can be fun and uncomplicated.

The more you know about what you want in a retirement home, the easier it will be to create the luxury lifestyle you deserve.  Retirement is the time to not only enjoy your new freedom, but also to have the lifestyle you want. Don’t wait, start planning and designing your dream living space today. Retirement homes are really a great way to live a luxurious life every day.

Making New Connections in 55+ Senior Communities

Looking for answers about making new connections in 55+ Senior Communities? Then this is the right place! Have you been wondering how to make your life exciting again? If you are around the age of 55 and looking for a change, then a 55+ Senior Community is certainly a great idea!  While there are many 55+ Senior Communities out there, only one is located in charming and beautiful southern Utah. SunRiver St. George is a community catering to those who are 55 and older. It is centered around creating not only a lifestyle, but also a community.  A community complete with excellently crafted custom homes, countless recreational opportunities, fantastic scenery, and fantastic neighbors!

Our community members love the atmosphere and the sense of home they feel in a neighborhood of people much like themselves!  Whatever your interests, SunRiver St. George has a place for you.  Our 18 hole golf course is open year round and designed to synchronize with the area’s unique natural beauty. Besides golf, residents enjoy swimming, lawn bowling, horseshoes, biking, and walking.  The Community Center includes a library, an indoor/outdoor pool and spa, a ballroom, computer and card rooms, and a New Life Fitness Center. It truly is a leader in the 55+ senior communities available today.

Want to know more about 55+ senior communities?  SunRiver St. George offers a Vacation Villa, you can experience the active adult lifestyle that residents here enjoy. Packages start at $99 for a two night, three day stay with discounted tee time as well as use of the community center.  For more information and to schedule your visit, call (888)688-6556. Whether you have just become eligible for 55+ senior communities or have been enjoying one for years, come and experience one of the best 55+ senior communities out there!

Benefits of Retirement

There are a lot of amazing benefits that can come from retirement. Some are: better health, family involvement, a new lifestyle, philanthropy, more time, less stress, greater flexibility, freedom to start a new career, more time to enjoy family and hobbies, and many more.  What type of things would you do with your new abundant time and energy? Can you imagine this new lifestyle that awaits you?

This is a wonderful group to belong to and become a part of at retirement age. One that is full of individuals who are ready for new adventures and discoveries. It is not what one often think of when hearing the word retirement, an older individual who has retired from life. Retirement is the time to fully live your life. It is the time to stop letting the fears, time, and other excuses hold you back from living the life you want.

Consider all of the advantages that will come from this major life change. The possibilities are truly endless. This is the moment to help your life feel fresh and alive again. No longer will old age be looked upon as a negative, but as a time to take back for yourself and your life bucket list. What are some of the benefits that you will gain from retirement?

Retire Where the Sun Shines 300 days a Year

Retire.  Does the word fill you with dread? Are you concerned about where you will go and what you will do? What about the winter, will you have to shovel snow and chip ice?  Spread ice melt and hope you can keep your car from getting stuck? In addition, many people find the lack of sun during winter to be physically and mentally depressing. Some retire and waste away in their dark homes during the cold winter.  Not so at Sun River St. George!  When one retires here, they retire where the sun shines 300 days a year. Perhaps this is why Sun River St. George residents and the members of the surrounding cities are so happy. Take it from those happy folks who retire here, everyday is a great day to be retired! 

In case you haven’t heard, Sun River St. George is an award-winning master-planned 55+  active adult community in Utah.  Just because you retire doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life! We boast a beautiful golf course, large swimming pool, renowned restaurant and extensive community center. All these amenities and many more are available to our residents.

Not only will you be able to enjoy the mild, sunny winters in Saint George, but your family will want to come and see for themselves. They’ll love visiting your new location! You only get one chance to retire. Don’t spend it in the cold, shoveling snow off your walkway and paying heating bills. Spend it at lovely Sun River St. George, retire where the sun shines 300 days a year!

Enjoy Life After Retirement

Wondering how to enjoy life after retirement?  The answer is simpler than you may think: fill your life with what you love.  This could take many forms such as volunteering time, joining a club, or trying a new sport or skill.  Maybe you will find enjoyment in pursuing something you never thought you would have time for.  You have the power to make retirement the best time of your life, and a retirement community can make it even easier. At the fantastic retirement community of SunRiver St. George, all these activities are available in one place so you won’t have to go far to enjoy life.

With a house at SunRiver St. George you will live by hundreds of other people all focused on enjoying their retirement.  Interested in a club of people who share your passion, or searching for something new? SunRiver St. George has many clubs full of wonderful people happily enjoying their life after retirement.  These clubs include tennis and golf, lawn bowling, swimming, even scrapbooking and jewelry making! In addition to clubs, facilities such as indoor and outdoor pools, a ballroom, restaurant and beautiful golf course make retirement even more fun. The community makes all the amenities of a resort available to its residents year round.

Find your place at SunRiver St. George today, imagine the new friends and adventures that await you as you start to enjoy life after retirement!

New Retirement Homes Designed Just for You

Why not have the ease of living in a community with retirement homes designed just for you? Retirement is the time to not only enjoy life but to enjoy your house. You can easily create the look and atmosphere of your new home and at just the right price. This type of custom retirement home gives you the ability to customize and prepare for the kind of home that will fit your various needs.

There are many different ways a new customized home can have a positive effect on your daily living. For example, individuals designing their own retirement homes, can include features that will make the process of aging and daily living easier. You can also include areas to enjoy your favorite activities, such as a customized hobby room.  This type of design can be easily done at an adjustable price that fits both your wallet and your interests.

New retirement homes at SunRiver St. George will provide you not only a fabulous location to live, but a wonderful home that fits all of your needs and wants. SunRiver St. George is located in beautiful southern Utah. There are 12 unique models, so choose the floor plan that fits you best. With a house designed just for you, coming home will never be more exciting and full of possibilities. Why not look into owning these types of retirement homes today?


Keys to Staying Sharp after Retirement

Society and personal experiences has installed a fear of getting older and losing our “marbles”. What can you do about this fear and to maintain an active lifestyle? There are many actions you can take daily to address this fear and to live young. The key to staying sharp after retirement is to stay active mentally, physically, and socially.

First, you should examine the lifestyle choices you are making and the effect it is having on your mind and body. These include any activities participated in, the friendships developed, the food eaten, and many other aspects of your life. How you live each day can make a real difference in the way the brain ages during the retirement years.

Some ways to stay mentally active are to read a newspaper, participate in brain games, learn something new like a second language, put together a puzzle, or play chess. Another key way to engage your mind is to engage your body in exercise. Also, remember to give it the nutrients it needs. This could include physical activities such as dancing, group exercising, biking, yoga, and tennis. The third area to stay active in is through social

interactions. The more contact you have with other people, regardless of the type of interaction, the healthier the brain will stay. Examples of social interactions are: dancing, attending club events, volunteering, golfing, traveling with friends, and talking.

The answer to staying sharp after retirement is to keep living life. Try to do an activity every day in the key areas of mental, physical, and social. This will not only improve your brain, but it will also improve the quality of your life. Your retirement years is the time to enjoy life at its best!