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Sidewalk Health Fair

Upcoming Sidewalk Health Fair

Join us April 1, 2016 at the Neighborhood Medical Plaza for a morning focused on health promotion/health prevention topics. This is your opportunity to ask questions, learn about the latest information and do preliminary screenings all in one spot.


Spring Home and Garden Expo

Date:  Friday, March 18, 2016
Time:  Friday 10am – 7pm
Saturday 10am – 5pm
Location:  Exhibit Hall
City:  St. George
Description:  Come join us in celebrating the 16th Annual Home & Garden show!This expo has been Southern Utah’s largest and most complete showcase of all the latest products and services in Southern Utah. Most importantly you’ll discover ideas, inspiration, information and experts all designed to help you create the home and garden you’ve always wanted.Also, don’t forget to bring your kids to this fun event as there will be free face painting!
Contact Info:  Shawna Smith
Across the Board Marketing
Admission:  Public Event $5.00pp
Dixie Event Coordinator:  Steve Spurlock
Coordinator E-mail:

Downhill Chips

Downhill Chips

If you use your regular technique on a short chip to a green that runs away from you, that ball will probably run well past the hole and maybe even off the green. You need to get the ball to stop quickly, so you’ll want to get height and spin on your shot. To get those results you have to make a few adjustments.

Instead of setting up with your weight more on the front foot with the shaft leaning forward and your hands ahead of the ball, set up with your weight more evenly distributed and the shaft pointing straight up. This set-up adds loft to the club to help you achieve more height.

On the backswing turn away from the target more than normal on a chip shot. Then drop your hands more down than out toward the ball and return the shaft to the same upright angle at impact that you started with. That promotes a more shallow downswing. You’re not trying to make ball-first contact as usual on chips. You want the club to slide under the ball, which creates the spin you’re looking for.

It’s important to swing with speed as you slide the club under the ball to an abbreviated finish (just below waist-high). If you try to finesse this shot and decelerate through impact, you’re much more likely to blade the ball or hit it fat. The more speed, the more spin you’ll create to help stop the ball close to the hole.


Hank’s Specials!

Come into Hank’s for Prime rib or Ahi Tuna Salad. Friday and Saturday night this weekend.

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Phase 47, Now Available!

Phase 47 is now available! This much anticipated phase has the most affordable views of the Valley, Golf Course and Pine Valley Mountain. This phase also has some amazing home sites for the popular Invitations plan. In addition to views it also has some wonderfully private south back yards, the most popular orientation for our climate. There are only 20 lots in this phase so don’t delay, they won’t last long. Call 435.688.1000 today to get a list of premiums for these amazing home sites, ask an agent about non premium lots also available. If you already live in SunRiver and are considering selling and building again, ask about special incentives on commissions and new home pricing!

The Zion Half Marathon



All Day

Zion Half Marathon Zion Half Marathon to Take Place in in the Springdale area on March 12th SPRINGDALE, UT January 27, 2016 – Vacation Races, event company that produces half-marathon races centered around breathtaking national parks, will be holding its 4th annual Zion Half Marathon around Virgin, Rockville, and Springdale on March 12th. The event will take place from 6:30am to 11:00am. During these hours there will be 2400 runners on the east side of the road from Camino Del Rio in Virgin to the Giant Screen Theater in Springdale on the east side of Highway 9. Traffic will continue to flow in both directions, but expect 30 minute delays between the hours of 6:30am to 10:00am. Please avoid vehicular travel between these hours if possible and add extra travel time to account for the delays. The event coordinators would like to express their apology for any inconvenience this may cause residents. “We are so grateful to the communities that allow us to put on these events. Without their cooperation it just wouldn’t be possible,” said Director of Race Operations Lyle Anderson. “The towns of Virgin, Rockville, and Springdale have been so helpful and supportive, we really appreciate being allowed to run in their community. We’re sorry for any temporary inconvenience our event causes.” Vacation Races operates this activity under an agreement with the surrounding towns and UDOT. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the race production company. About Vacation Races Producing beautiful half-marathons against the backdrop of our country’s majestic national parks, Vacation Races is motivated by their vision of promoting health, natural beauty, well being and creating memories. Founded in 2012, and providing the only national park races, Vacation Races’ foray into racing events focused on three different, regional parks – Zion, Rocky Mountain and Lake Powell. Now expanding with nation-wide opportunities, Vacation Races faces 2016 with races in Zion, Grand Canyon, Grand Teton, Yellowstone, Rocky Mountain, Great Smoky Mountains, Yosemite and Lake Powell. For more information on Vacation Races, visit their website at

From The Frindge

From the Fringe


Shots from the fringe seem as if they should be relatively simple, but can easily add strokes if you’re not careful. With a wedge from the fringe, chunked shots that only go a few inches or bladed shots that scream across the green are all too common. Here are a few thoughts to keep in mind the next time you face a shot from the fringe to help preserve your score.

Whenever possible use your putter from the fringe. A poor putt will almost always end up better than a bad chip. That’s why it’s recommended to use your putter, unless there’s a sprinkler head or uneven grass in your path that can cause the ball to go off line. Then you’ll have to chip over the trouble.

As you’re driving in your cart or walking up to the green study the overall slope of the landscape. Is there a hill above your ball, below your ball, or even with your ball? Visualize the impact the slope will have on how your ball will roll out.

Take a good look at the grass. If it’s growing toward your ball you can expect a slower roll. If it’s growing away from your ball you can expect a faster roll. Wet or damp turf can slow your ball down. Dry turf can cause your ball to roll out much faster.

Once you’ve sized everything up, picked your target line and speed, all that’s left is to address the ball and make your stroke. Remember to accelerate your putter head (or wedge when you have to use one) through the ball at impact. Slowing down, or decelerating, through the ball at impact leads to stubbed putts and inconsistent shots.

If you’re hitting from the fringe, your previous shot was probably pretty good. You barely missed the green. With a little thought and a good stroke on the ball, there’s no reason you can’t consistently get up and down from the fringe.

Hank’s Specials

Prime rib and seafood, this Friday and Saturday night at Hank’s!

St. Patty’s Spring Fling

George Streetfest on Main is southern Utah’s new, popular outdoor nightlife event. On the first Friday of every month from 6-10 p.m., local residents and tourists gather at the heart of Historic Downtown St. George to celebrate. The event features a free Main Street concert, DJ dance party for youth, and Zion Brewing Company Jazz Garden at Ancestor Square for adults 21 plus. Nightlife you can get excited about!

March 4: St. Patty’s Spring Fling

6-10 p.m. every first Friday

brenda land-5733

Sweet 16 Party

Thank you to everyone who attended the event yesterday! Click the link to view pictures: