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Hank’s July Specials

Wednesdays at Hank’s are Burger Days! 2 for 1 hamburgers all day long.

Friday and Saturday nights feature fresh Utah trout and prime rib.

For breakfast on Saturday and Sunday they will be biscuits and gravy or chicken fried steak.

Come spend your Summer days eating yummy food. Ask to sit on the patio. Our new water misters work great to cool down the heat. Call (435) 773-4111 with any questions.

Specials valid through July.


St. George Events: July 7th-13th

Movie on the Square

  • When: Friday, 10th @ 5 PM
  • Where: Downtown Square on Main Street
  • Cost: Free and Open to the public
  • Details: Sunset on the Square is a FREE family movie series. The program is located at Town Square. Sunset on the Square is held the second and fourth Friday of the month, May 22, 2015 through August 28, 2015. Each event features a FREE movie in the park under the stars, games, prizes, food, face painting, the Dealer Collision Water Balloon Challenge and dancing. Movies will start at dusk, but the fun will begin around 5 at Town Square Park. Great wholesome entertainment for the whole family! Be sure to bring a blanket or chairs to sit on, pack a picnic dinner or snacks to enjoy. Tonight’s feature: “Lego Movie”

OC Tanner Summer Concert Series: Incendio

  • When: Saturday, 11 @ 8 PM
  • Where: OC Tanner Amphitheater 300 W Lion Blvd (Just off Hwy 9)
  • Cost: CASH ONLY $15 adult $6 Youth $38 Family Advance tickets available
  • Details: Enjoy an evening under the stars with and be entertained by Incendio. Tickets available at the door – CASH ONLY $15 adult $6 Youth $38 Family Advance tickets available from the DSU Ticket Box Office 435-652-7800 Pillows, blankets and umbrellas encouraged. Concession available. No outside food or drink.

Golf Tips: Finish Your Backswing

Kevin Na’s Sunday performance at the PGA Tour’s 2015 Crown Plaza Invitational at Colonial was a perfect example of what happens sometimes to golfers who get into contention and feel the pressure.

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday of the Crown Plaza Invitational, Na played beautifully with a nice, full, easy swing that put him at the top of the leader board heading into the final round.

Then on Sunday, Na couldn’t sustain his great play. As CBS commentator Peter Kostis noted, “Na’s backswing keeps getting shorter and shorter as the day goes on.” That was in sharp contrast to the way he swung the club in the previous three rounds and led to a series of poor shots that took him out of contention. Here’s why. When a golfer fails to finish his backswing, the club has a tendency to stay on a path that’s left of the target line (for right-handed golfers). With that swing, there’s only one way you can start the ball and that’s pulled to the left of the target. Sometimes golfers realize their mistake and compensate by holding the clubface open at impact, resulting in a pull-fade that may end up in the fairway, but with considerable loss in distance. Make sure you finish your backswing to make sure you get the club on the proper path to make a good shot. It’s easy to let yourself get “quick” to try to hit the ball, especially when there’s some pressure to hit a good shot.

Na has had well-documented problems with his game in the past. At one point a couple of years ago he stood over the ball for an inordinately long amount of time before he made his swing. He overcame that inability to pull the trigger. Now he just needs to learn how to relax and make his good full swing when the pressure is on. CBS commentator Ian Baker Finch remarked, “Sometimes Kevin has a tendency to be too hard on himself.” That self-criticism could contribute to his troubles. He may be trying so hard not to make a mistake, that he ends up making one anyway. He’s come such a long way since his days of freezing over the ball, it seems to be just a matter of time before he learns to play the same way on Sunday that he plays the rest of the week and breaks through again for a victory.


Maintenance Tips: Plumbing

When it comes to plumbing and pipes, there are a few things all homeowners should know.

For example, if you’re going to be away on vacation you should drain your water supply lines. You can do this by shutting off the main water supply line and opening the faucets to allow the pressure to release from the lines. You can also shut off the water heater to save money. You can do this by simply turning of the cold water supply valve which is on top and the gas control knob which is at the bottom of the tank. You can drain the tank by running a hose from the spigot near the bottom of the tank to the floor drain or to a gutter outside of your home. If you decide to leave the tank full, you can still save money by turning the temperature knob to the lowest setting. Some units have a “vacation” setting on them as well.

During the winter months it’s important to understand that pipes can freeze and burst. To prevent this from happening, open cabinet doors which will allow warmer air to circulate around the pipes. If you suspect a pipe is beginning to freeze, you can warm it up by using a hair dryer on it. Never use a lighter or open flame of any kind. If you leave for more than a day or two during the colder winter months, keep your heat set to a minimum of 65o as this will be warm enough to keep the pipes at a temperature that is sufficient to keep them from freezing. You will also want to keep garage doors closed to keep any pipes near the garage as warm as possible.

If a major leak starts, you can help by turning off the supply of water to the area and contacting a licensed plumber. If you notice a dripping faucet, you can fix it by shutting off the water at the valve which is directly under the sink. Then, remove the faucet stem, change the washer out with the exact same size and type, and reinstall the faucet stem. This works for the shower head as well. To prevent leaky faucets to begin with, make sure to turn them on and off gently and without too much force.

Although the water department controls the overall water pressure, you can clean the aerators on the faucets to help with proper water flow. Doing this every three or four months is best to keep the water flowing as it should.

Although outside faucets are freeze proof, you need to remove any connected hoses before it gets cold. When a hose is left attached, the water that is still in the hose can freeze and expand, reaching back into the pipe, which can result in a break in the line.

Overall, your plumbing and pipes shouldn’t require a whole lot of attention. With a little maintenance and prevention, you can save money and avoid any major plumbing problems.


More exciting specials from Hank’s!

Wednesdays at Hank’s are Burger Days! 2 for 1 hamburgers all day long.

Friday and Saturday nights feature fresh Utah trout and prime rib.

For breakfast on Saturday and Sunday there will be biscuits and gravy or chicken fried steak.

Come spend your Summer days eating delicious food at Hank’s. Ask to sit on the patio. Our new water misters work great to cool down the heat. Call (435) 773-4111 with any questions.


Selling homes right and left!

SunRiver St. George is selling homes right and left. Even with the summer heat, things are going great! SunRiver St. George Realty needs your existing home to sell. We have sold 28 existing homes in the last 12 months, many of these homes are residents purchasing a new home selling their existing home. Our inventory is very low and we would love to have your home be one of the 28 that we sell in the next 12 months. Call today and ask about special commission savings on selling and purchasing a new home through SunRiver St. George Realty. (435) 688-1000


St. George Events: June 30th-July 6th

Uncle Sam 5K

  • When: Saturday 4 @6:30 AM
  • Where: Dixie Sun Bowl – 150 S. 400 E.
  • Cost: $25 Admission
  • Details: Come run this new 4th of July tradition!! Course starts and finishes at the Dixie Sunbowl and runs along the parade route. Every participant gets an Uncle Sam hat, beard, and t-shirt!! Come run as Sam and with him at this rocking family friendly fun run!!

City of St. George 4th of July Celebration

  • When: Saturday, 4th All Day
  • Where: Vernon Worthen Park 300 South 400 East
  • Cost: Free Admission
  • Details: 6:30 am Uncle Sam 5K 7:30 – 10:00 am Staheli’s Catering Early Morning Breakfast – Everyone is invited to start the day with a complete pancake, eggs, hash browns, and beverage breakfast. 8:00 am “It’s a Grand Ol Flag” City of St. George 4th of July Celebration Parade Line the surrounding streets of Vernon Worthen Park for this patriotic spectacle!!! FREE TO ENTER A FLOAT/ OR GROUP!!! 9:30 am National Anthem – at the main stage in Vernon Worthen Park 9:40 – 10:30 am Zumba- at the St. George Recreation Center 9:40 am – 4:00 pm City of St. George Independence Day Fun and Games Extravaganza! Bring the whole family for a fun day in the park. Many activities are free: There will be music, food booths, face painting, cotton candy, watermelon seed spitting contest, cupcake walk, potato sack races, bounce houses, water wars, dunk tank, our famous 100 foot Slip-n-Slide and a few new surprises! 10:00 am – 4:00 pm Karaoke at the Gazebo 10:45 am – 12:30 pm Talent Competitions at the main stage: So you think you can dance STG Style & STG Idol 1:00 pm Hot Dog Eating Competition at the main stage 8:00 – 10:00 pm KONY Country Presents FREE CONCERT IN THE SUNBOWL Dixie Sunbowl (100 S 400 E) Admission is free 10:00 pm Giant Fireworks Display A spectacular fireworks display will begin at approximately 10:00 pm following the free concert. KONY Radio will broadcast live, during the FREE CONCERT at 8:00 pm and will also provide special musical accompaniment throughout the fireworks display. For more information call the St. George Recreation Center at (435) 627-4560.

Gunlock Rodeo

  • When: Thursday 2nd & Friday 3rd @ 8 PM
  • Where: Gunlock Arena South Main Street Gunlock, UT 84733
  • Cost: Adults $5, ages 6-12 $3, under 6 free
  • Details: Come join us in Gunlock for a fun rodeo!

Golf Tips: Taking the Proper Divot

There’s some confusion about divots. Should I make one? How big? Why? Many of the world’s best players take big divots.

Others pick the ball cleanly off the turf taking little or no divot at all. So what should you do? Golf instructors and pros seem to agree, if you’re going to take a divot make sure it’s in front of the ball.

 Of course, you shouldn’t take a divot when putting. The putter goes back and through along the surface of the grass, ideally making impact on a slightly upward path to create forward roll on the ball. You also shouldn’t take a divot with the driver off the tee. The ball is teed up off the ground and you should make impact past the bottom of your swing when the club is moving on a slightly upward path as well.

 With every other club in the bag, it’s okay to take a divot, even with your fairway woods and hybrids. That’s because with these clubs, you should make contact with the ball first, just before the club reaches the bottom of the swing arc while moving on a slightly descending path. It’s also described as “hitting down on the ball.”

 To help golfers understand the concept of creating a proper divot, golf instructor Scott Yurgalevicz created a drill using business cards. “While practicing,” Yurgalevicz says, “take a few business cards and place them on the ground. Set up with the club parallel to the leading edge of each business card, and make your goal to strike the card’s leading edge, propelling it forward.

 The business card now represents your divot, not outrageously long in size, but also not too thick either. Not only will it get you to concentrate on the point of contact it also gives you a visual for what your divot should look like.

After hitting a few cards forward onto the range, place a golf ball next to the edge of a card and again strike the business card. If done correctly, the card should propel forward as usual but your ball will also soar into the range.

 Although there are a variety of other circumstances that cause divots to happen behind the ball (weight backwards at impact, casting, etc.), a proper understanding of what a divot should look like is a great place to start learning “how to hit down” on the golf ball.”


Maintenance Tips: Windows, Screens, and Patio Doors

When it comes to your windows, just a little upkeep and maintenance will keep them looking good and operating properly for many years.

First, you’ll want to clean the frames with warm water. Never use powdered cleaners as they can damage the frames. After you clean the window frames, you should apply a silicone lubricant to help keep the windows opening smoothly. The same lubricant can be applied to sliding doors to keep them opening and closing smoothly. A great way to clean glass windows and doors is to use vinegar and water, a commercial glass cleaner, or any products recommended by the window manufacturer.

Condensation can occur on the inside of windows and frames when the home has high humidity and the temperatures outside are cold. Since many homes have humidifiers, you should always make sure to read the instruction manual to make sure you’re using the humidifier the way it’s intended to prevent excess moisture from building up.

All windows have what’s called weep holes where water can escape to the outside during heavy rain or from melting snow. They are located at the bottom channel of window frames and it’s important to keep the window channels clean and free of dirt and debris for the weep holes to work properly. The same should be done for any weep holes in sliding door tracks, if applicable.

If you choose to store window or door screens during the winter, make sure to label not only which door or window they came from, but the front, back, top, and bottom as well. This helps when putting the screens back on because they often fit a certain door or window a certain way. Whenever you remove or replace a screen make sure to do so as gently as possible. The frames are usually made out of aluminum which is easy to bend and can break if bent too far.

Windows, screens, and patio doors don’t require a lot of maintenance and should last for years when taken care of properly. When you address excess condensation or sticking windows at the first sign, you can easily avoid bigger problems later on.

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