Worker laying sod at Sunriver St. George

Maintenance Tips: Landscaping

Landscaping not only makes a home look nicer, but it serves the purpose of helping to prevent erosion while also protecting the foundation of your home.

When planning or redoing your landscaping, it’s important to make sure any bark or rock beds don’t disturb the free flow of water which is draining away from the house. Using landscape fabric can help to prevent growth of weeds while still allowing evaporation of any ground moisture. If you choose to use a landscaping company, make sure they contact Sun River St. George before tying into any preexisting drain pipes. Homeowners are responsible for any changes to drainage after taking possession of the home, so it’s important to make sure you hire a reliable, knowledgeable company when it comes to landscaping.

Installation of any spray heads or sprinklers should not be within three feet of the home. You should routinely check their positioning at least weekly during use. Never have bubbler or trickle types of irrigation systems next to the home. When considering putting in trees, think about how much space they will take up when they reach their full height as you’ll want to keep even the smallest of trees at least four feet from the home. You’ll also want to keep in mind how close any shrubbery will be to sidewalks, parking spaces, or other areas where it might get damaged.

When choosing plants, consider those that are indigenous to the area because they will grow better and have a better survival rate. Before making any changes, you’ll want to contact the local building department and your HOA to make sure your changes follow your neighborhood guidelines.

When it comes to soil use a brand that has sufficient organic material. You will want to use mulch at least three inches deep in order to hold the soil moisture in the ground and help to prevent weeds from growing and soil compaction. If the soil in your yard has a high concentration of clay, make sure to take these steps to prepare the soil before planting: spread two inches of sand and one inch of odorless manure around the area. Then, rototill the area at least six inches deep. Doing this will help the soil to retain water it needs for optimal growth of grass. Always try to use an organic weed and pest control solution to help protect the environment.

Finally, always be careful of utility lines when planting and call if you’re unsure where they are. Sometimes the lines will make a depression in the grass when it’s first laid. If this is the case, unroll the sod and put more dirt underneath, then re-roll out the sod to correct the problem.

SunRiver St. George presents Rok Dox

Don’t Miss the Rok Dox This Friday!

Friday May 15th the Rok Dox will be back at SunRiver! Come hungry as FREE burgers will be served at 5pm and the music starts at 6pm. If you don’t have tickets yet, come pick them up at the sales office.

Make sure to bring your own chair. A few chairs will be provided for eating but not for the concert. Chairs will also be sold for $5 each. There will be limited golf cart parking available. Bring your chairs, blankets, golf carts and we will see you there!

Woman splashing in the mud

St. George Events: 12th-18th

Hurricane Mud Run

  • When: Saturday, May 16 @ 8 AM
  • Where: Sand Hollow Road/ Approx, 2000 South
  • Cost: Visit
  • Details: We are Southern Utah’s Premier Mud Run. This year’s event takes place on May 16, 2015. Our course will run approximately 5K with obstacles, mud and lots of FUN! This event is for everyone. Single runners, families, teams. We invite everyone to participate. You will select a ‘heat’ time when you register. You can skip any obstacle you want. Hit them all or miss them all. It’s entirely up to you.

Armed Forces Celebration 1940’s Style Hanger Dance

  • When: Friday, May 16 @ 7 PM
  • Where: 4196 South Airport Parkway
  • Cost: $20 per person, or $35 per couple
  • Details: Come out and enjoy a 1940’s USO style Hangar Dance put on by Western Sky Aviation Warbird Museum. This is the museums’ third annual Armed Forces Celebration Hangar Dance. Last year over 250 St. George residents enjoyed this rockin’ 1940’s swing jam. The USO style Hangar Dance is complete with a live 1940’s style brass band, vintage outfit contest, and swing dance. There will also be entertainment put on by Red Rock Swing Dance a local non-profit stimulating a love of vintage swing in St George. There will be an introduction to swing dance class put on by instructors from Red Rock Swing Dance before the dance floor opens. People of all age groups are welcome. In addition to the dance Western Sky Aviation Warbird Museum has arranged to have World War II era airplanes and vintage cars at the hanger as well. This is a great opportunity for St. George to honor our World War II veterans, support a great cause, and get out and swing the night away. The Hangar Dance will be on Friday, May 15, 2015 from 7 PM to 11 PM at the St. George Airport museum hanger.

Nature, Red in Tooth and Claw

  • When: Friday, May 15 @ 5 PM
  • Where: 2180 East Riverside Drive
  • Cost: Free to the Public
  • Details: Grand Opening for the new Special Exhibit featuring teeth and claw information for modern as well as prehistoric animals. There will be skulls, replica claws, fossils, and other examples of adaptations of various animals through time. These will include the little hand and claws of T. rex, always a favorite, up to the huge skulls of giants that have roamed the earth! Visit

Lieto Voices Choir Concert

  • When: Saturday, May 16 @ 12 PM
  • Where: SunRiver St. George Ballroom
  • Cost: $5 Seniors, $10 adults
  • Details: Lieto is a performing and recording choir, now in its 9th We love the music that we perform and hope that our efforts please your ears and warm your hearts. Lieto Voices Choir celebrates Broadway and other favorites
rok-dox event

Rok Dox are coming back!

One of SunRiver’s favorite acts is coming back to rock the night away on Friday May 15 at 5:00 pm.

Come hungry for burgers and with your dancing shoes on, ready to try out the new dance floor.


A few chairs will be provided for eating but not for viewing the concert. Limited golf cart parking will be available. So bring your carts, chairs, and blankets.

Chairs will also be for sale at the event for $5 each. 


Sitting and Parking Layout: (Click to view bigger)


Golf Tips SunRiver St George

Golf Tips: Try Face-On Putting

When Sam Snead developed a case of the yips in the 1960’s, he started putting croquet-style, straddling the line and moving the putter between his legs.

Bobby Jones saw Snead putting this way during a practice round for the 1967 Masters at Augusta National. Jones detested the way Snead’s stroke looked and urged the USGA to act. By the end of the year the USGA had banned putting while straddling the line of the putt.

 Snead then started putting with the ball beside him while facing the target. He achieved modest success with this “sidesaddle” putting stroke. Perhaps more importantly, he found an effective remedy for the yips. Golfers looking for a reliable putting method to replace their anchored putting method when the ban on anchored putting goes into effect in 2016 might consider trying this face-on method of putting.

 In the February Sports Illustrated Golf Plus supplement, Gary Van Sickle details how putting guru Dave Pelz, noted instructor and TV commentator Peter Kostis along with part-time Champions Tour player and TV analyst Gary McCord all agree face-on putting has definite advantages. Sports psychologist David Cook is considered the leading face-on putting proponent. According to Cook, a significant benefit of face-on putting is binocular vision, because you’re facing the hole you use both eyes to get a truer picture of the line. Since the shoulder joint is the only moving piece in the stroke, the action is simpler and more efficient. You can reliably swing the club straight down the line of your putt.

 Why don’t more golfers use the face-on method if it’s so effective? Cook feels it’s because golfers are very self-conscious. They won’t try something new because of the looks they’ll get from other golfers. Kostis says that’s why he never putted face-on in competition. At one point early in his career, Kostis became friends with Snead and learned his sidesaddle putting method. “I got really, really good at it,” said Kostis. But he couldn’t overcome the stigma of putting with such an unorthodox style and never used it in tournament play. Nevertheless, he’s still a believer. “It works. I know that for a fact,” he says.

 If you’re looking for a putting method to replace anchored putting in anticipation of the 2016 ban, or you just want to make more putts, give putting face-on a try. You can find videos on YouTube of Snead in action, then experiment until you’re comfortable. At first, you may get some strange looks and comments. But if your putts start falling with regularity, you may soon be getting requests for lessons.


Maintenance Tips: Mirrors

Mirrors can add elegance to any home, and when they are strategically placed they can even make rooms seem larger than they are.

Unfortunately, mirrors can get dirty fast and seem like they have some sort of film on them. When it comes to cleaning mirrors, there are certain types of cleaners which can actually harm mirrors over time, so it’s important to understand what types of cleaners you should and shouldn’t use.

Mirrors are either free standing and used as accents in the home or they are pre-installed by SunRiver St. George, as in the case with mirrors in the bathroom. Cleaning free standing mirrors (mirrors you hang on the wall yourself) is easier if you take them down. You’ll want to use a cleaner without acid and avoid getting cleaner on any wooden frame. You will also want to be careful not to get water between the cracks where the mirror meets the frame as water can cause the silvering on the edges to deteriorate over time.

The same is true with your pre-installed mirrors. Acidic cleaners and water can damage them when they get under the edges of the mirrors to you don’t want to clean them with excess liquid. Use just as much as you need and make sure to wipe the edges of the mirror dry as soon as you’re finished. This will help to ensure the mirrors last a long time.

Many people suggest using a mixture of vinegar and water to clean mirrors. This does work great, but since vinegar is acidic in nature, if you choose to use it you will have to be extra cautious that it doesn’t come into contact with the edges of the mirrors. Just being careful will help to ensure your mirrors stay looking the way they should for years to come.

St. George Events In May

St. George Events: May 5th-11th

Mary Poppins

  • When: April 5th-June 6th
  • Where: Brigham’s Playhouse 25 North 300 West Washington, UT
  • Cost: $17-$23 Admission Fee
  • Details: Mary Poppins The practically perfect musical is opening at Brigham’s Playhouse! All young Jane and Michael Banks wanted was a nanny who would play games and love them; in flies the infamous Mary Poppins. Brimming with all the classic feature you know and love, the award-winning stage musical is simply supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Opening April 28th and running through June 6th, this timeless classic is sure to win over everyone and with special pricing for families, you can’t go wrong! The Brigham’s Playhouse experience is complete with mouth-watering confections, Brigham’s Brew Root Beer, and our famous fudge and fresh baked cookies, not to mention a fabulous live orchestra and Broadway-caliber talent in the best seats Southern Utah has to offer. Don’t miss your chance to see this sensational show as tickets are sure to go fast! Visit the Website for more shows and information

Drawn-The Art of Ascent

  • When: Friday, May 8 @ 7 PM
  • Where: OC Tanner Amphitheater 300 W Lion Blvd (just off Hwy 9) Springdale, UT 84767
  • Cost: Adults $15 in advance; $20 at the door
  • Details: A beautiful inspiring true story of adventure, friendship and family, told in a visually captivating and original style. Combing exquisite footage of first ascent climbs and hand drawn artwork from Jeremy Collins, an award winning adventure artist, the film weaves together an engaging and fast pace script. Accompanying Collins will be Utah’s own 3hattrio and DJ Lex, who will perform music under the star of the Zion sky. This will be an amazing evening of art and inspiration! Adults-$15 in advance; $20at the door Youth 18 and under w ID-$5 For tickets call: DSU Tix-435-652-7800 OR Eva Pelton -435-669-6278

Downtown Farmers Market at Ancestor Square

  • When: Saturday, May 9 @ 8 AM
  • Where: Ancestor Square Courtyard 2 W St. George Blvd
  • Cost: Free Admissions
  • Details: Weekly farmers market featuring local seasonal farm fresh produce, food products and local artisans. Anything and everything handmade from Washington and Iron County.

City of St. George Concert in the Park

  • When: Monday, May 11 @ 7:30 PM
  • Where: Vernon Worthen Park 300 South 400 East
  • Cost: Admission is Free
  • Details: The second Monday of EACH month, April through September, the City of St. George sponsors FREE concerts in the Park. On April 13th, Shaun Canon’s, whose sultry voice can be heard on television, radio, and various concerts with jazzy arrangements of pop tunes, classics and other upbeat tunes. Bring blankets, lawn chairs, food and the family and come out for an evening under the stars and enjoy Shaun’s many musical talents!
Ready for tax season SunRiver

Get Started on your 2015 Tax Planning

Before you put your 2014 federal income tax return in the virtual or physical file drawer, check for items that can affect your 2015 planning. Here are three.

  • Capital loss carryovers. If your capital losses exceeded your capital gains in 2014, you may be able to carry any unused loss to future years. For planning purposes, remember you can apply the loss against 2015 capital gains as well as up to $3,000 of other income — a benefit to remember when you’re rebalancing your portfolio this year.Tip: Keep track of your capital loss carryforward for alternative minimum tax planning and projections. In some cases, this amount can be different from the carryforward calculated for your regular income tax.
  • Charitable contribution carryovers. Was your charitable donation deduction limited for 2014 or prior years? You may have a carryover that you can use if you’re going to itemize on your 2015 tax return.Tip: Take this carryover into consideration when planning your 2015 donations so you don’t lose the benefit of older unused amounts. Charitable contribution carryforwards have a five-year life.
  • Net operating loss carryover. If your business had a loss in 2014, you had to make an election if you wanted to carry the entire loss forward to 2015. Otherwise, the general rule of carrying the net operating loss back two years applies, with the remainder carried forward 20 years.Tip: If you did not make the carryforward election with your 2014 return, you may be able to file an amended return to do so. Generally you have six months from the due date of your return to make the election.

Give us a call to schedule a tax planning appointment. We’re ready to help you get the most benefit from these and other carryovers, such as investment interest, tax credits, and passive activity losses.

Dean Burdick is a licensed CPA and is a tax partner at HintonBurdick CPAs & Advisors. He can be reached at or at 435-628-3663. If there is a tax topic that you would like him to discuss, please let him know.

SunRiver St george Golf Tips

Golf Tips: Hitting From a Divot

You bomb your tee shot long and straight down the middle only to find when you reach your ball that it’s come to rest in a divot.

The average golfer’s thoughts go from looking forward to a chance for a birdie to asking, “How do I get the ball out of that?” A few simple adjustments in your setup and swing can not only help you get the ball out of that divot, but will allow you to hit a serviceable shot. Here’s a good time to remind you to replace or sand your divots to spare the next golfer from enduring the same fate.

 When faced with hitting from a divot you want to set up with the ball in the center or slightly behind center of your stance. Shift your weight slightly onto your front foot and keep your hands ahead of the ball to help ensure you create a steep angle of attack and make contact with the ball first. Ball-first contact on a descending path is essential when hitting from a divot. It gives you the best chance of hitting a successful shot. Let the loft of the clubface get the ball up into the air. Don’t scoop it or otherwise try to help get the ball airborne.

 Take an extra club and grip down to give you additional control. It’s important to make a complete swing with a full follow-through. Many golfers get poor results hitting from a divot because they don’t finish their swing. It’s also tough to get backspin on a ball hit out of a divot. Expect the ball to come out on a lower trajectory with some roll. Hitting from a divot is no fun. Knowing what to do can help keep this bad break from ruining your score.


Maintenance Tips: Hardwood Floors

Damage to hardwood floors can be expensive to fix, so preventative maintenance should be something all homeowners with these types of floors take into consideration.

There are several things that should definitely be avoided with hardwood floors, such as mopping. Water causes wood to expand and warp, so wet mopping is not the way to clean any wood furniture or floor. If you notice dirt, sweep the floor as necessary. If your particular wood flooring has a polyurethane finish and it gets soiled, use a mixture of one part water to one part vinegar. Place a mop in the mixture and fully get rid of the excess before mopping the floor. If you don’t know what type of finish is on your hardwood floors, contact the company and ask. Some finishes are water based and putting any amount of water on them can cause damage.

To further protect your wood floors, take care to not drop anything on them as this can cause dimples in the wood. Also be wary of high heels which have lost their cap as the nail that pokes through can easily cause dimples in the wood. You can also use rugs and mats in high traffic areas where the finish can wear off faster. You should also take humidity into consideration. As the humidity naturally changes throughout the year the individual planks can contract and expand. This is usually slight and completely normal, but you don’t want your home to have too high or too low of humidity. Along with humidity you need to pay attention to sunlight, as direct sunlight can damage the wood. If you have a window which allows direct sunlight on the floors, use window coverings during the time the sun is shining through them.

If your hardwood floors do have a polyurethane finish, you may want to contact a contractor to have an additional coat applied within six months to a year, depending on traffic in your home and your personal lifestyle. It’s important to not wax a polyurethane floor as the wax can make it more difficult to apply another layer of polyurethane to it.

Wood floors are definitely a beautiful addition to any home and with a little prevention you can get them to last for years to come. If you ever have any questions about your flooring, contact the manufacturer before doing anything. They will be able to tell you exactly what your floor needs, whether you have a question about cleaning or refinishing.