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Summer Concert at OC Tanner

St. George Events: 16th-22nd

OC Tanner Summer Concert Series: Ririe – Woodbury Dance Company

  • When: Saturday 20th @ 8 PM
  • Where: OC Tanner Amphitheater 300 W Lion Blvd (just off hwy 9)
  • Cost: Adults $15, Youth $6, Family Advanced Tickets $38
  • Details: Enjoy an evening under the stars with the Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company Tickets available at the door – CASH ONLY $15 adult $6 Youth $38 Family Advance tickets available from the DSU Ticket Box Office 435-652-7800 Pillows, blankets and umbrellas encouraged. Concession available. No outside food or drink.

OC Tanner Summer Concert Series: Lao Tizer

  • When: Saturday 20th @ 8 PM
  • Where: OC Tanner Amphitheater 300 W Lion Blvd (just off hwy 9)
  • Cost: Adults $15, Youth $6, Family Advanced Tickets $38
  • Details: Enjoy an evening under the stars with and be entertained by Lao Tizer. Tickets available at the door – CASH ONLY $15 adult $6 Youth $38 Family Advance tickets available from the DSU Ticket Box Office 435-652-7800 Pillows, blankets and umbrellas encouraged. Concession available. No outside food or drink.

Announcing Bloomington Country Club!

SunRiver is excited to introduce it’s newest addition, Bloomington Country Club.

We are happy to announce that the SunRiver Group has reached an agreement with Bloomington Country Club to take over the management of the golf course and additional facilities.  In consideration for the issuance of shares, SunRiver in partnership with Jimmie Blair and Addiction Golf, will continue operation of the golf course and contribute financial resources to update and enhance the existing country club golf experience and facilities.  The transition and required voting by Bloomington Country Club members will occur over the next 30 days.

The SunRiver Group is excited about this sister facility because of the opportunities it provides for our SunRiver residents and guests, not only anticipating golf benefits but the pool and additional amenities. Please understand that participation with the Bloomington Country Club would be optional and this SunRiver commitment will in no way create any financial obligation to our existing residents or the SunRiver Community Association. Continue to watch for exciting announcements in the coming months.  We look forward to every opportunity to enhance the SunRiver lifestyle!

Air Conditioning in Sunriver Home

Maintenance Tips: Ventilation

Homes are now built very tightly in an effort to save on energy costs, but this new and improved tightness comes with a price.

While keeping your home’s heat or air conditioning inside helps with the energy bill, having the home built so tightly can also cause gasses and foul odors from escaping. Condensation can also build up, resulting in water droplets along the windows and allowing mold and mildew to start growing. Dangerous gasses such as radon and carbon monoxide can also accumulate, making inhabitants very ill, sometimes resulting in death.

Current building codes require crawl spaces and attic vents to minimize the accumulation of moisture. Ventilation of the attic occurs through the soffit, which is the underside of the overhangs, or on a gable end. During bad storms, rain or snow can often get into the attic through the vents. Although it would seem like a good idea to cover them to prevent this, you shouldn’t do it. What you should consider doing instead is covering the insulation in front of the vent to prevent moisture from getting on it. When the insulation is covered, any precipitation that may blow in will safely evaporate and will allow the proper amount of ventilation your home needs.

To maintain proper ventilation, you can also remember the following: never cover or interfere with any fresh air supply going to your furnace, get into the habit of running the hood fan while you are cooking, air out your house by opening windows during the warmer months, and remember to turn on bathroom fans when the shower is being used.

When your home is properly ventilated it helps to prevent excess moisture from building up on the inside of the windows. This can help to eliminate cleaning the windows frequently during times of high humidity in the home. Proper ventilation is also necessary to keep you and your family safe.


Real Estate is Booming in SunRiver

Home sales continue to be strong, even as the summer heats up.

As families relocate in the summer months with kids out of school, our buyers are able to sell there homes quickly and realize there dream of moving to SunRiver. The inventory of existing homes for sale in SunRiver is the lowest it’s been in years. This low inventory creates an opportunity to sell an existing SunRiver home, and buy a new one.

Call the sales team at 435.688.1000 and ask about special pricing for existing SunRiver Residents. Live Young!


Special Resident Discount!

During the month of June at Hank’s Riverwalk Grill residents get buy one get one free entrees on Monday and Tuesdays!

Offer valid only to SunRiver residents. Call Hank’s at (435) 773-4111 for more information.

Movie in the Park at Active Adult Community

St. George Events: 9th-15th

Movies on the Square

  • When: Friday, June 12 @ 5 PM
  • Where: Downtown Square Main Street
  • Cost: Free and open to the public
  • Details: Sunset on the Square is a FREE family movie series. The program is located at Town Square. Sunset on the Square is held the second and fourth Friday of the month, May 22, 2015 through August 28, 2015. Each event features a FREE movie in the park under the stars, games, prizes, food, face painting, the Dealer Collision Water Balloon Challenge and dancing. Movies will start at dusk, but the fun will begin around 5 at Town Square Park. Great wholesome entertainment for the whole family! Be sure to bring a blanket or chairs to sit on, pack a picnic dinner or snacks to enjoy. Tonight’s feature:”Mr. Peabody and Sherman”

St. George Contemporary Dance Concert Choreography Festival 

  • When: Saturday, 13 @ 12 PM
  • Where: Cox Performing Arts Center 225 South 700 East  DSU Campus
  • Cost: $10 Per Person
  • Details: The Contemporary Dance Concert is a choreography festival showcasing 14 choreographers and over 30 dancers from the southwest. Summer Belnap Robertson, artistic director for the St. George Dance Company and the coordinator for the concert stated, “The purpose of the concert is to foster stability and unity in our local dance community, bringing together dancers, dance companies and choreographers who have a love for contemporary movement, and to provide a venue for these dancers to perform.” This year the festival welcomes four dance groups from Salt Lake City and one from California. Audience members will enjoy the choreography of Southern Utah University dance faculty Denise Purvis’ newly completed, “Freedom Lies In”…, danced by Dixie State Dance faculty Sara Gallo to poetry by Cedar City artist, DaKishia Reid. The St. George Dance Company will also present a new work by Summer Belnap Robertson entitled “The Queen Is Dead” which premiered May 31st in New York City and will be danced again as part of this southern Utah choreography festival. Choreographers and dancers participating include Jenn Basin, Stef Bassett, Lyndi Belnap, Summer Belnap Robertson, Michelle Betts, Cheryl Broughton, Katherine Call, Monica Campbell, Lexie Corbett, Jasmine Crosby, Summer Davies, Sherlynn Davis, Sara Gallo, Bethany Gee, Melanie Gorb, Angela Hansen, Melissa Holm, Brynn Hutchinson, Bailey Johnson, Anthony Languren, Janeen Martin, Kristina Moyle, Anna Mueller, Megan Petersen, Denise Purvis, Sally Rousse, Micadyn Sanders, Alexis Smith, Tino Smith, Rebekah Wainwright, Jake Winkelkotter and J. Daniel Woodstock. A Matinee Performance will also be held at 2:00pm Tickets are $10 and can be purchased online at, by phone at 435-652-7800 or in person the day of the concert. For more information, contact Summer Robertson 435-773-1221.

OC Tanner Summer Concert Series: Randy Anderson Band

  • When: Saturday 13 @ 8 PM
  • Where: OC Tanner Amphitheater 300 W Lion Blvd (Just off Hwy 9)
  • Cost: Adults $15, Youth $6, Family Advance tickets $38
  • Details: Enjoy an evening under the stars with Randy Anderson and his Band! Tickets available at the door – CASH ONLY $15 adult $6 Youth $38 Family Advance tickets available from the DSU Ticket Box Office 435-652-7800 Pillows, blankets and umbrellas encouraged. Concession available. No outside food or drink.
Resident Golfs at SunRiver St. George

Golf Tips: John Daly’s Surprising Formula

John Daly burst onto the golf scene with his unexpected victory in the 1991 PGA Championship,  then captured his second major in 1995 when he won the Open Championship at St. Andrews.

According to PGA Tour driving statistics, in 1997 Daly became the first PGA Tour player to average more than 300 yards per drive over a full season. He did it again in every year from 1999 to 2008, and he was the only player to do it until 2003.

Many associate Daly with the mantra, “Grip it and rip it.” In a recent Golf Channel segment, Daly demonstrated that there’s much more to his swing. There are even elements that can help everyday golfers become more consistent and possibly add yards. Perhaps most surprising is that Daly says he plays his best when he feels that the club is moving slowly, especially on his backswing.

Daly says he likes to take the club back, “long, low and slow.” By taking the club back long and low, he creates tremendous width. The shoulders and hips automatically turn to keep the club on its long and low path. Going slow on his backswing allows him stay in control the entire way as he loads his weight and coils completely onto his back foot.

Daly doesn’t start down until he’s fully loaded onto his back side. Daly is famous for taking the club back well past vertical on his backswing. For his size, Daly is remarkably flexible, which helps him get such tremendous turn. He knows he’s fully loaded when he sees the club head out of the corner of his front eye. That’s the cue to begin his downswing, unleashing all that stored up power onto the ball.

Very few people have the flexibility and power of John Daly. But copying his “long, low and slow” backswing can help you get more width while gaining better control loading your weight and creating coil. Hopefully you’ll be better able to feel when you are totally coiled, loaded and ready to make solid contact that leads to better shots.

Fireplace Feature at SunRiver St. George

Maintenance Tips: Fireplaces

Not only do fireplaces create a mood or ambiance, but they can provide additional heat during the colder months. While this feature of the home is popular with many people, it’s important to understand how the fireplace operates and how to maintain safety when using it.

Gas fireplaces are so convenient because with the flip of a switch, you have instant fire. There is always a second or two delay before the flame starts after flipping the switch, but this is normal. When the flames begin gently and silently, you know it’s working properly. If you notice anything different than this, something may not be working right and you should immediately shut off the switch and contact the gas company. If you smell gas, evacuate the home without turning any lights or other switches off or on and call emergency services to check it out.

During windy times of the year, a downdraft can occur and blow out the pilot light. To get the fireplace going again you will have to relight it.

Safety issues with gas fireplaces deal mainly with the gas itself, and the glass doors which cover the unit. These doors can get very hot to the touch so it’s important to keep small children away. The exterior vent cover to a direct-vent gas fireplace can also become extremely hot while the fire place is operating and caution should be used when anyone is near it.

Although gas fireplaces aren’t meant to be a sole heat source, they can certainly add heat to the home in a beautiful, cozy way. With proper use and caution, they can last the life of your home.

Old Car show event close to Sunriver St. George

St. George Event: June 2nd-9th

Cars and Coffee

When: Saturday, June 6 @ 9:30 AM

Where: Perks on Sunset 1515 W Sunset Blvd

Cost: Free Admissions

Details: A monthly event for all collector car enthusiasts. EVERYONE welcome as either a participant or a spectator. Come on out alone, as a couple, or as a full family….something for everyone.

OC Tanner Summer Concert Series: Lyndy Butler

When: Saturday 6th @ 8 PM

Where: OC Tanner Amphitheater 300 W Lion Blvd (Just off Hwy 9)

Cost: Adults $15, Youth $6, Family Advance Tickets $38

Details: Enjoy an evening under the stars with performer Lyndy Butler. Tickets available at the door – CASH ONLY $15 adult $6 Youth $38 Family Advance tickets available from the DSU Ticket Box Office 435-652-7800 Pillows, blankets and umbrellas encouraged. Concession available. No outside food or drink.

Social Security Card

How to Respond to that IRS Notice

Tax season is over. Now comes the season for IRS notices — particularly a notice called a CP2000. If you’re the recipient of one or more of these letters, here’s what you need to know.

  • What the notice is. The IRS matches amounts you include on your tax return with information reports such as Forms W-2 and 1099, and sends you a notice when a discrepancy occurs. The process is called the “Automated Underreporter Program” and the multi-page notice you receive is generally a CP2000. The “CP” stands for computer paragraph. The “2000” means the notice is an information return program verification request. You can identify the notice by the number printed on the top right of each page.
  • What to do. The CP2000 is a proposed adjustment, not a bill. The IRS is asking you to explain the differences between the amounts reported on various information reports and what you put on your federal income tax return. These differences are provided in a summary area on the notice, and you generally have 30 days to let the IRS know if you agree or disagree with some or all of them. The CP2000 includes the forms you need for your response as well as an application for a payment plan.Keep in mind that the IRS shares information with state revenue agencies. You may need to correct or update your state income tax filings to reflect any changes.
  • When to expect a response. According to the Taxpayer Advocate office, IRS guidelines call for processing your answer within approximately 45 days. However, the Taxpayer Advocate notes the IRS receives more than ten million letters a year in response to notices and is often unable to reply within the 45-day time frame.

Please contact us whenever you receive an IRS notice. We’re here to help.

Dean Burdick is a licensed CPA and is a tax partner at HintonBurdick CPAs & Advisors. He can be reached at or at 435-628-3663. If there is a tax topic that you would like him to discuss, please let him know.