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Golf Tips: Coming Back to Golf from a Break

Last time we discussed how every golfer, no matter the ability level, should take periodic breaks from golf.

For most of us the weather gives us a natural break. It’s called winter. For those of us who are fortunate to live in a climate where it’s possible to play golf year round, superimposed off-
seasons are necessary to heal and recharge.When you’re ready to begin playing again after a break there are some proven ways to help you get your game back in shape. Of course, before beginning any physical activity like golf, especially after long periods of inactivity, get your doctor’s okay first.

Acclaimed golfer and instructor Bob Fagan explains, “Most golfers after a winter layoff or extended absence are usually anxious to get back playing. If they don’t go directly to the first tee, they will probably head to the driving range and pound driver more often than any other club. “Any good player will tell you, what suffers the most when they haven’t played is the short game, yet most everyday players will completely ignore their short game (pitching, chipping, sand, and putting). If you can get your short game touch back, your scores will reflect it. So concentrate on your short game first.

“You might start with putting on the carpet inside. A good exercise is to lay down an object such as a coin and putt for distance without too much regard for accuracy. It matters little whether the carpet is fast or slow because what you are really try to achieve is the return of feel. Getting back outside, head first to the practice putting green and begin with very short putts from inside a couple of feet. Do this to get accustomed once again to seeing the ball roll into the cup. Once you make several in a row, move a couple of feet back and repeat. Obviously putting becomes harder as you move further away from the hole, but you’ll be surprised how quickly your stroke improves by doing this.

“Next go to the longest putts you can find and work on them. Just like the indoor drill, focus more on distance rather than accuracy. Again the goal is to achieve touch. From there you can do similar drills with chips, pitches, and the sand game. You’ll speed your progress up by weeks.”


Maintenance Tips: How to Quickly Clean Your Gas Fireplace

Gas fireplaces are elegant and practical on chilly nights. Although they are much less messy than traditional fireplaces, they still require  cleaning several times a year. When you follow the steps below, cleaning your gas fireplace should only take about 15 minutes.

  • Step 1 – Before cleaning, always make sure the gas valve is turned off.  Most gas fireplaces have instructions included with them which include  diagrams describing each part of the fireplace. Use this if you need to  locate the valve. To make sure the gas if off, look to make sure there  is no blue or yellow flame where the gas comes out of. Always double  check the valve as gas can be very dangerous.
  • Step 2 – Use the crevice tool attachment on a vacuum to clean dust from  the logs, being careful to not hit the logs with the attachment, as many brands are fragile and can chip. After cleaning the logs, use the same  attachment to clean underneath their support and around the bottom of  the fireplace.
  • Step 3 – Use a glass cleaner to clean both sides of the glass. Then,  since some cleaners are flammable, rinse it off with water and dry with a paper towel or soft cloth.
  • Step 4 – Before closing the glass front, check to make sure everything  looks right. Look at any lines or valves and equipment to make sure  everything looks like it’s in good working order. If something doesn’t  look right, contact a technician immediately. Then, gently close the  glass front. Turn on the gas valve and light the pilot light to make  sure the fireplace starts up like it should.
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Dracula Concert at DSU

Dixie State University is pleased to announce the next performance in our Celebrity Concert Series season. To get us ready for Halloween, Bay Pointe Ballet will be performing, “Dracula” in the Cox Performing Arts Center on October 20th and 21st.


Based on the novel by Bram Stoker and brought to life by Bruce Steivel’s innovative choreography, this haunting tale of Dracula’s eternal search for the woman he loves will have you on the edge of your seat. Dracula, whose lonely soul is determined to reunite with his lost love, begins a reign of terror and seduction. Ballet has the ability to convey this terror and seduction in a unique and powerful way. Beautiful and elaborate sets and costumes will accentuate the production. Speaking of costumes … yes, costumes are allowed and encouraged at all Dracula performances!


Several dedicated members of the California arts community conceived Bay Pointe Ballet in 2013. Its purpose is to promote family oriented entertainment to the public along with a high level of training in the school. The 32 professional dancers are primarily from the Bay Area and the faculty consists of dancers from the company along with other members of the dance community holding a degree in dance. Artistic Director Bruce Steivel is an internationally recognized choreographer and teacher. Previously, Mr. Steivel served as the Artistic Director of Bern Stadt Theatre in Switzerland, the Hong Kong Ballet, the Universal Ballet of Korea and Nevada Ballet Theatre, where he served as artistic director for over a decade.


Please visit for information on all the performers that will be a part of our CCS season. Individual concert tickets are available at the Dixie State Box Office, or by calling 435-652-7800.   Season passes are also available through the end October.


St. George Events: 13th – 19th

St. George Book Festival

  • When:Monday 19th – 24th All Day
  • Where: Dowtown Square Main Street
  • Cost: Admission is Free and open to the public
  • Details: The St. George Festival will take place October 19-24, 2015 in various locations throughout St. George with more than 10,000 people expected to attend during the week. Considered one of Southern Utah’s premier literary events, the St. George Book Festival continues to be free and open to the public. This year the book festival has three amazing Keynote Speakers, who are more than just authors.

Golf Tips: Break Time

Just because you can play golf year round doesn’t mean you should. Every major sport has an off-season that allows time away from the game to rest the body and the mind.

Golf’s no different. Take some time off from the game periodically to rest and heal aching joints and muscles and give your mind a breather. When you return to play you’ll feel better physically and mentally. CBS Sports Commentator and renowned golf teacher Peter Kostis says, “A great way to motivate yourself to work on your game? Toss the clubs in the closet. This creates the desire you had as a kid to play and practice. Players of all levels need an off­season break to reach their potential and develop their skills. Without time off, technique suffers and so do scores. And for elite pros, higher numbers can cost them millions.”

You may not have millions riding on your golf game. But an extended break from golf every so often might be just what you need to keep your body from breaking down and your mind from getting stale. All the time you see everyday golfers playing through ailments that, with a few weeks of rest, would heal and allow them to play better. Instead they insist on teeing it up every week and allowing the ailment to continue to hinder their game and produce high scores. Continuing to play also risks turning a minor ailment into a serious injury that could keep you off the course for a long time.

Golf is the one game you can play well at any age. To keep yourself in the best possible shape physically and mentally to play the game for a lifetime, take some time off every once in a while. You’ll come back feeling better, more eager and able to play your best.


Maintenance Tips; Carpet Maintenance

Numerous issues can arise which can affect the integrity of your carpet. When you know what to do and are proactive in addressing problems right away, you can often add years of life to your carpet.

Rippling – Wall to wall carpet can look as if it has a ripple effect going on. This typically happens during high humidity or when very heavy furniture is moved over it without the furniture being picked up. If the rippling lasts, contact a professional carpet installer to fix it by using a power stretcher and not a knee-kicker.

Seams – When carpet is first installed, seams can be very evident. This usually subsides over time, although the severity of it can depend on the type of carpet you have.

Shading – When your carpet looks as if it has different shades to it, it’s because fine-cut pile carpet can lean different angles. This can be caused by foot traffic or by dragging things along the carpet, and is totally normal. To prevent the carpet from leaning one way too long, which can affects how it looks over the long term, remember to vacuum frequently and until the carpet is all going in the same direction.

Snags – If your carpet comes into contact with anything sharp, the carpet can grab it, resulting in a snag. If the snag is small, you can cut it off and it will most likely not be noticeable. If the snag is long, you may want to contact a professional to see what your best option is to fix it.

Sprouting – You may occasionally see a tuft of fiber which is taller than the rest of the carpet. Cut it off so that its length matches the rest of the carpet and it won’t be noticeable. If you pull it, chances are you’ll do more damage.

Stains – Stains are the most common problem for homeowners when it comes to carpet, and you should always follow the manufacturer’s directions. Even stain resistant carpet can get permanent stains from things such as shoe polish, hair dye, or paints and ink. Bleach is notorious for causing serious color loss and other household cleaning products and some medications can as well. When you do attempt to get rid of the stain yourself, make sure to test any products you’re using in a small area where damage won’t be noticed, such as inside a closet. When you follow manufacturer’s guidelines there is a greater chance you’ll be able to salvage any damaged carpet.

Rock N Horse 5.22.14

THIS FRIDAY! Rock N Horse on the Putting Green!

Come hear The Rock N Horse Band this Friday from 6 PM – 8 PM. This is music provided free of charge by the developer, no tickets required. There will be no chairs or refreshments provided, so please bring golf carts or chairs and enjoy this great band. Come enjoy the fantastic fall weather with live entertainment and friends. And don’t forget your dancing shoes!


This Weeks Specials for Hank’s Riverwalk Grill

Wednesday : BOGO Burger ( buy one get one free any burger)
Friday : Prime Rib
Saturday: Prime Rib
Monday: 1/2 rack of ribs $ 10.00 includes drink
Tuesday: any Mexican entrée $ 10.00 includes drink

St. George Events: 6th – 12th

Huntsman World Senior Games

  • When: 5th-17th All Day
  • Where: Various – As Scheduled
  • Cost: Contact HWSG
  • Details: Annual multi-sport event for seniors 50+ involving:basketball, bowling, tennis, cycling and mountain biking, racquetball, road racing, softball, swimming, triathlon, volleyball, lawn bowls, square dance, table tennis and track and field. Athletes also compete in games of horseshoes, bridge tournaments and golf matches..

Zions Rocktoberfest

  • When: 10th All Day
  • Where: Zion National Park Entrance
  • Cost: Free
  • Details: 3rd Annual Zion RockToberfest promises an eclectic lineup of music, featuring live Oompah and Rock. Awesome German food with the best brats this side of the Rhein, plus Beer and Wine Garden, featuring the craft ales of Zion Canyon Brewing Co. Taste the new seasonal offerings from ZCBC Brewmaster Jeremy. In addition, there will be a fantastic free kids zone with bouncy houses, obstacle courses and a climbing wall for the bigger kids. Lots of sweets, treats, games and Brat-Eating Contest with awesome prizes for the winners. The best part is: admission is FREE and for ALL-AGES. The fun goes all day, into midnight, during one of the most beautiful times of the year to visit Zion!

New Harmony Apple Festival

  • When: 10th @ 10 AM
  • Where: Town of New Harmon
  • Cost: Free and open to the public
  • Details: The Harmony Valley Fire District provides fire protection and emergency first responders to the greater New Harmony Valley of southern Utah. The Apple Festival is an annual event that helps support this effort and offers delicious apple pies, and has an assortment of vendors and food booths.
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15th Annual Arts and Crafts Boutique

If you want to get a head start on your Christmas shopping, or if you just enjoy browsing through a wide variety of high quality arts and crafts items, you won’t want to miss the Annual Arts and Crafts Boutique at Sun River St. George. Join your friends and neighbors on Saturday, November 7 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Community Center. There will be over 40 artists and crafters displaying a variety of hand-made items including pottery, fabric arts, wood crafts, carved gourds, crocheted and knitted items, fine art photography, embellished clothing, Christmas ornaments, semi-precious jewelry, silk flower arrangements and much more.

ADMISSION IS FREE, and lunch and refreshments will be available for purchase. To pre-order Chef Ryan’s Lunch Meal Deal, check the SunRiver Today website. Be sure and look for the “Artist Spotlight” in the weekly community e-mails to learn more about some of the artists and crafters in this year’s Boutique. Mark your calendar and don’t miss out on this exciting day. As in past years, all event profits will be donated to The Community Soup Kitchen with Grace, a local partner of the Utah Food Bank.